What Is The Russian Brick Incident From Reddit and Why Is It Trending?

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The Russian Brick on Reddit refers to a harrowing incident where a woman lost her life because a brick hit her. This incident is often talked about on various social media because of its gore and scary nature.

Let's find out more about this video and why it is trending.

Reddit seems to be a place where everything is found and people discuss them. The Russian Brick seems to be a repetitive subject as it has been discussed on Reddit numerous times in different periods.

Road accidents are seen quite often, but the kind of accident that involved the brick is completely unprecedented. It was reported that a woman lost her life in that incident. It has been recorded by the dashcam.

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What Is The Russian Brick Incident From Reddit?

The Russian Brick is often used to refer to a car accident involving a brick in Russia. There is a dashcam video that has a video account of the incident. Although the video does not have the bloodshed recorded, the sound is pretty scary.

In the video, people can see a car behind another vehicle carrying bricks on the highway. Completely, an unexpected brick falls from the vehicle in front and hit the driver in the car after going through the windshield.

It has been reported by DailyMail that the woman was driving and she died. Her name has been identified as Olga Gaikovichn. This horrific incident video is both on Youtube and Reddit.

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Why Is The Russian Brick Trending? 

Strangely, the Russian brick has been trending on various social media. There is no clear answer regarding why is it trending out of nowhere suddenly. The point where it started trending is also not clear.

Although the YouTube clip of the incident was uploaded in 2012, the video has been circulating on the internet time and again. It has been discussed numerous times since then. 

People often discuss the impact of that incident on the member of the deceased family; especially, those who were traveling together with a woman who died while driving a car on a peaceful road.

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It has been reported that there has been an accident involving a Kamaz truck, by eprimefeed. It has been reported that four people lost their lives in the incident. Maybe this accident has some relation to Reddit trends.

More updates about the accident might be released by the police. As of now, there is not much information about the accident. The cause of the accident is still not clear.

Scania truck and a Kamaz truck collided, and the people who lost their lives are Scania driver and 3 workers changing the road barrier.

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