Meet Ruby Bennett On Euphoria: Rue Full Government Name Has Fans Shocked In The Latest Episode

Ruby Bennett is the lead character of the hit HBO series "Euphoria," which has been making huge commotions on the web since the release of his first season. Stay tuned to know more about the series and its characters here below!

Ruby Bennett is the main character of the hit series "Euphoria."

The series has been a huge hit among its teen and youth viewers since its first release on June 16, 2019.

Since then, the show has returned for many specials and season 2 as of 2022.

Likewise, the actors and characters related to the show have become more and more well-known among the wider audience globally.

The show and the actors have often hit the headlines due to their popularity among the youths.

Meet Ruby Bennett On Euphoria: Rue Full Government Name Has Fans Shocked

Ruby Bennett is revealed to be the full name of Rue Bennett.

The revelation was only done in the recent episode of the second season on February 6, 2022.

Fans were shocked to find out the new deets of the show as they had never guessed that Rue would be a short name for "Ruby."

The viewers could not stop gushing over the fact and started another theory of her government name.

Social media is currently fuelled with discussions and reactions of Euphoria watchers on the recent episode of the show.

Meet Rue Bennett Family

Ruby Bennett, aka Rue Bennett, hails from a biracial family, including her parents; mother Leslie, and her father, Robert.

Rue is close to her father and is seen wearing her father's hoodies.

Likewise, Rue also has a younger sister named Gia.

The family history of the Bennett family is one of the interesting plotlines of the show.

The character of Rue, portrayed by Zendaya, has impressed the viewers as they are hoping the actress will soon win an award for her character portrayal.

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