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Ruben Studdard -

The veteran R&B singer of the United States of America, Ruben Studdard is a familiar name to the American audience. His rise to fame from the famous reality show, American Idol as a winner brought him the recognition as a celebrated singer and he garnered lots of fans and appreciation from the music and the media industry. The dashing and electrifying appearance of him with his soulful voice creates enigma whenever he approaches the stage or makes his presence. He has been highly acclaimed and honored by several of awards and nominations, including the prestigious Grammy nomination in his accord.


He felt the first verse of life in September 12 of 1978 in Frankfurt am Main of West Germany when his father whom professional served the U.S. army was is service in Germany. He was raised in Birmingham, Alabama of the United States of America. He belongs from a Black decency and holds an American nationality. From his early childhood, he had the cravings for singing and had a soulful and cheering voice texture. He hit the notes perfectly even without any official training and musical understanding performing for the first time in Baptist Church at Rising Star located in Birmingham. He was highly motivated and enthusiastic about his singing so was a regular singer ion the Church, where he sang gospels. He got accompanied by his mother in the choir and had the privilege to sing solo performances even in the tender age. He attended Huffman High School and indulged in sports for which he was granted a scholarship. He played football in his high school days apart from singing and attended Alabama A&M University with scholarship. While studying in the university he pursued his singing by joining Omicron Delta chapter called Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.


After the completion of his studies, he chose to perform as a musician and a singer and had the influence from his mother, who already had recorded albums in her name. He began associating with Jazz and R&B bands and performed in several programs. He was linked with UAB Jazz Ensemble and has sand Just a Few Cats while being with the band. It was hard for a black American to follow on the dreams of being a popular singer and he had to go through the hardship doing gigs and back up singings. He had the talent but was provided with lesser opportunities to flourish from his talent. A big step in his musical career came when he auditioned for the American Idol, where he performed some popular numbers like Ribbon in the Sky, Superstar, A Whole New World and was greatly admired by the judges. The judgmental team included Lionel Richie, Neil Sedaka, Robin Gibb, Luther Vandross and Gladys Knight. All of them appreciated and praised his sensational performances while in the reality television competition. His huge figure and the soulful voice quality made him called as Velvet Teddy Bear. The breakthrough of his career was led as he won the competition and was the second winner of the American Idol series. The governor of Alabama, Bob Riley in his behalf noted the date March 11, 2003 calling it Ruben Studdard Day. The most appreciable notification for the recognition he deserved from his early days. Thus, a benchmark was set up and all he had to do was grow beyond it.


He pursed recording singles and albums and sang cover version of Flying Without Wings, originally sung by Westlife and the single had the debut in the Billboard at second position. Being affiliated with producers like The Underdogs and Babyface his album had already garnered success even before it’s official release as it had pre orders and at the time of release sold more than 4000,000 copies in just the first week. His otyher albums also had the same prodigy installed with him with his rising fame and status. The other albums like I Need An Angel released in 2004, The Return released in 2006, Love is released in 2009, Letters From Birmingham released in 2010, The Biggest Looser and Unconditional Love released in 2013 are4 is notable credits. He also did acting for television series and has a foundation in his name called The Ruben Studdard Foundation for the Advancement of Children in the Music Arts.


Ruben Studdard is married to Surata Zuri McCants in a private wedding ceremony that took place in October 2006. The relationship with his wife did not last long as the couple divorced in April 2012. However, his soulful songs and achievements in the musical scenario is still lively and unforgettable to the audience. After having a successful career in the music industry his net worth is believed to be commendable and worthy of what he deserved.