Who Is Royce Rocco In Paul T Goldman?

Paul T. Goldman, new series of Peacock
Paul T. Goldman, new series of Peacock( Source : instagram )

Royce Rocco in Paul T Goldman is the alleged boyfriend of Audrey Munson. W. Earl Brown plays Royce on the show.

Paul T. Goldman is new comic docuseries created by Jason Woliner from Peacock studios. It's a tale about a guy named Paul T. Goldman, an insurance agent based out of Florida who has just gone through a second marriage.

To provide the mother figure for his son and find the love of his life, he marries Audrey Munson. But the marriage turns to expose his second wife's secret life.

Paul begins to suspect his new wife might not have told her past. Once he starts digging for information about his wife, he goes far too deep than he is looking for.

The husband discovers that Audrey lives a double life as a hooking and madame. When he discovers more secrets, he takes the unthinkable steps.

What entails the story is what we will see in the upcoming episodes.

Royce Rocco Relationship with Audrey Munson

Royce Rocco serves as the bridge for the international syndicate. Paul T Goldman accuses him of being involved with her.

In the Paul T. Goldman series, Royce Rocco is the dirty boyfriend of Audrey Munson. He is one of the helpers, in the fraud and infidelity act she carries out among male victims. 

Audrey Munson portrayed by Melinda McGraw
Audrey Munson portrayed by Melinda McGraw ( Source : instagram )

With his self-investigation, Paul finds that his new wife Audrey is not only an opportunist but also one of the members that ran a hooking and human trafficking ring with her boyfriend. And that boyfriend is Royce. 

Later the viewers find out Royce is also involved in international level trafficking business and is a part of it.

Spoiler alert, though. In the book series, Royce seems to be one of the main antagonists, and the character plays out till the end of the trilogy of the book.

Paul seems to be hell-bent on finding the international trafficking ring and goes to different countries to destroy the illegal ring. In the final book, Paul would have the showdown with Royce. 

W. Earl Brown Plays Royce

The actor portraying Royce is W. Earl Brown. Brown is an award winner.

He is an American actor born on September 7, 1963, and raised in Murray, Western Kentucky, USA. Even though he grew up in a farming life, he disliked farming and doing manual labor work on his father's farm.

He would rather spend his time jumping and climbing trees pretending to be a Cowboy or a Soldier. 

The antagonist of the series Paul T. Goldman, W. Earl Brown
The antagonist of the series Paul T. Goldman, W. Earl Brown ( Source : instagram )

Also, he fell in love and dreamed of working in films since high school. But it was hard to achieve his dream at that point in his life. Later he joined Murray State University, the first of his family to go to college, and took an acting class. 

During his time in college, the dreamer started to perform numerous acts at the university. Later he joined DePaul University's Theatre School in 1989 to receive his MFA.

The actor continued to act in different plays in Chicago. His performance on A View From The Bridge at the Steppenwolf Theatre took him to the height of success in his career in acting in television and movies. 

He acted in films such as Earl in New Nightmare, A Vampire in Brooklyn, Scream, There's Something About Mary, The Master, Wild, and many more. The actor has guest starred in Tv series such as The Mandalorian, Luck, Seinfeld, X-Files, and others. 

Currently, he is married to Carrie Paschall. The couple exchanged their vows on 1 July 1989. The pair is also blessed with a daughter named Anna Catharine Brown.

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