Who Is Rodrigo Piquet? Kelly Piquet Likes Racist Instagram Post Leading Fans To Stream Down At Her

Rodrigo Piquet Is A Kart racer
Rodrigo Piquet Is A Kart racer( Source : com )

Rodrigo Piquet is a kart racer. He is also a relative of the popular retired driver Nelson Piquet. 

Nelson Piquet is now criticized heavily for his racist language towards Lewis Hamilton. And one of his relatives, Rodrigo Piquet, is now slammed online for his post on IG, where he showed support to the retired driver. 

Who Is Rodrigo Piquet?

Rodrigo Piquet becomes the target of criticism for showing support for his relative's racist language. The whole F1 community, except for Red Bull, stood up to denounce the reportedly racist remarks made by Nelson Piquet toward Lewis Hamilton.

After the British driver collided with Max Verstappen at Silverstone last year, the former F1 champion allegedly referred to the driver as "a little black guy." 

Although he said so during an interview in November, the issue came to light recently. Hamilton himself tweeted about how it was not a matter of language but mindset. He also noted that this kind of mindset needed to be changed. 

Kelly Piquet Liked Rodrigo Piquet IG Post
Kelly Piquet Liked Rodrigo Piquet IG Post( Source : twitter )

According to AutoSport.com, Hamilton has been one of those drivers on the frontline to bring about change in the world of motorsport. He is the only Black driver competing in F1 and the only Black world champion.

Even when the death of George Floyd in 2020 became a global issue, Hamilton was a prominent figure in F1, promoting an anti-racism message and taking initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion in the sport.

The Hamilton Commission was founded by Hamilton, and it released a report on the representation of Black people in motorsport. It was discovered that only 1% of F1 staff were of Black descent.

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Kelly Piquet Likes Racist Instagram Post Of Rodrigo Piquet 

Rodrigo Piquet quickly became the target of criticism after he uploaded a family picture while captioning it, saying that their grandmother uses the N-words for her sons and grandkids. He added how it is an expression of love and accused the world of being a hypocrite.

But, people were quick to comment on how he was showing support and was trying o cover up his relative's mistake. After receiving many criticisms, he made his account private and joined in a blocking spree. Many people tweeted they were blocked by Rodrigo because they called out his name.

But, before he had made the profile private, people were quick to realize that Nelson's daughter, Kelly Piquet, had liked the post. She is also the girlfriend of Max Verstappen, with whom she shares a child as well. 

Netizens reprimanded her for showing support for her father's racist language while she claimed she had nothing to do with it. 

Rodrigo Piquet Wikipedia & Bio To Explore

Rodrigo Piquet is a Kart racer, but his Wikipedia and bio are not detailed on the internet. However, a source showed his racing profile, saying he started racing professionally in 2009. 

He has competed in Center-West Cup - Senior and 500 Milhas de Granja Viana in 2009. He also particpaiated in 13º Campeonato Sulbrasileiro de Kart - PSK-A/Sênior A in 2010 and SKUSA SuperNationals XXIII - X30 Master in 2019. 

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