Who Is Rodney Wilson From Oceanside CA? Overland Park Racist Cop Fired, What Did He Do?

Rodney Wilson, a former cop.
Rodney Wilson, a former cop.( Source : theancestory )

Rodney Wilson is a former Overland Park officer who has recently been filmed using racial slurs and fighting civilians in a bar.

A former Overland Park police officer who was dismissed for threatening a Texas parent on Facebook might go to jail if he breaks the terms of his probation. Rodney Wilson was given a year of probation and a 90-day prison term after entering a guilty plea to four misdemeanor offenses in 2017.

When a Dallas woman claimed that Wilson had intimidated her on Facebook by making a remark about a picture of her child, the Johnson County district attorney first prosecuted Wilson with a felony for making a criminal threat.

Who Is Rodney Wilson From Oceanside CA And What Did He Do?

Rodney was previously arrested after making threats to a woman on Facebook in 2017. He was also fired from his job and was given a year of probation including a 90-day prison term.

Wilson chose to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of assault, impeding the administration of justice, and fraudulent impersonation rather than being charged with the felony. He initially had to appear in court for a scheduling conference in 2017, but he chose to enter the guilty pleas instead.

The former police officer has always been openly racist. He has posted numerous things on social media accounts that state that he has been racist towards people.

But he has also openly threatened people on social media accounts and openly said that most people's lives do not matter and be wary of his presence.

Considering he was a former police officer, these threats were not ethical which led to his arrest and he was fired from his position.

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The Video Of Rodney Wilson Overland Park Cop Explored

A video has been going around on Twitter where Rodney was caught on camera in Oceanside. The former police officer seemed to get in an altercation with the locals.

The video caption states that Rodney was under the influence of alcohol and he could not handle his alcohol. The video shows that Rodney was fighting somebody outside of a bar in San Diego.

However, Wilson did not seem to have just fought one person but he seemed to be fighting anyone in his way. He appeared to be attacking multiple people in the video who were not a part of the altercation at all.

He seemed extremely drunk and full of hatred. He was also being racist and using some racial slurs among the people at the bar. While some people seemed they were trying to calm Rodney down and restrict him from fighting, he was still overpowering them and trying to fight most people in the bar.

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Was Rodney Wilson Arrested In 2022?

There have been no updates about Rodney's recent arrest so the former cop may still be roaming free. However, many people have been pleading for the racist ex-cop to be put behind bars.

Wilson has been known to threaten children of color online and terrorize people online. He has been caught numerous times trying to terrorize the family online.

He was arrested for extortion in 2017 and he was arrested in 2019 again for assault. The ex-cop has shown time and again that he has a bad anger issue and could be of harm to society.

People on Twitter have been pleading for Rodney's arrest and for him to be put behind bars following his online rages and his real-life assaults.

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