Internet Runs Wild With The Rumors Of Rocky Bivens New Girlfriend Unykue Foucha

Unykue has made her pregnancy public
Unykue has made her pregnancy public( Source : instagram )

Instagram beauty Unykue Foucha criticizes her "complicated relationship" with Rocky Bivens on social media, claiming that she is expecting a child.

Rocky Bivens, LaTocha Scott's spouse, might not have been faithful to her. The Instagram model Unykue Foucha exposed the music manager's alleged infidelity on social media while bemoaning their "complex relationship."

The news regarding Bivens' relationship with the modal is currently spreading on social media. An entertainment executive, expert negotiator, record producer, songwriter, and serial entrepreneur, Bivens is a Chicago native.

Who Is Rocky Bivens Rumored Girlfriend Unykue Foucha?

Unykue Foucha, Rocky Bovens' girlfriend, is currently going popular on the internet. She is the CEO of Haute Body in addition to being a popular Instagram model.

She is very active on Instagram, where she currently has 51k followers and a large number of them adore her talent.

She hasn't yet made her specific details available to the public. She works as a model, rapper, and vocalist. She is also very active on Instagram, where she frequently posts her modeling images and videos.

Unykue is a stunning Instagram model
Unykue is a stunning Instagram model( Source : instagram )

She has also appeared in the @luccie Fontane song "Understand." So far, she is a pretty attractive model. Her modeling abilities have drawn a lot of viewers up to this point.

Unykue Foucha Is Expecting A Child With Rocky Bivens

Unykue, who makes her Instagram page private, used the platform to discuss her claimed relationship with Rocky.

It appears that they have been dating secretly for some time, but she has gotten tired of keeping their relationship a secret and has made the decision to tell everyone about it. She just published a photo of herself while pregnant.

She wrote, "Letting you meet the right person at the wrong moment is the most  difficult thing the universe can do to you." Simply put, "I'm sick of living a falsehood all these years, and I'm ready to live in my truth freely, in peace, and without apology."

Unykue continued, "I have no beef with Latocha, never interfered with any of his dealings with Xscape, never made him choose. I and Rocky had my own situation. I know this may be shocking news but this was a very complicated relationship that I couldn't speak on for obvious reasons."

Rocky Bivens And Latocha Scott Have Been Married For 26 Years

American ability director Rocky Bivens, headquartered in Chicago, is well-known for his work as a performer, record producer, musician, and sequential business visionary.

He is best known as the CEO of Biv Global Management and as the husband of Latocha Scott, a well-known songwriter, and performer in the United States.

Rocky recently praised his wife Latocha for her performance
Rocky recently praised his wife Latocha for her performance( Source : instagram )

Latocha Scott is a singer, songwriter, and sometimes actress who specializes in R&B music. She gained notoriety in the 1990s as a member of the multi-platinum-selling R&B group Xscape.

According to current Rocky Bivens rumors, many of his supporters have backed Latochha and her honorable treatment of her husband.

She seems like the kind of weirdo who would have an affair with Latocha's man while My Little Secret is playing, said one of the users.

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