What Is Rima Abdul-Malak Origin? Everything About The French Minister

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Rima Abdul-Malak's origine can be traced back to Lebanon as the french minister is  Franco - Lebanese, she does have a Wikipedia profile but the page is only available in the French language. 

Rima Abdul Malak is a politician who is Franco-Lebanese. After working as the director of Clowns sans frontières' programs and then as the head of Culturesfrance's music division (now the French Institute), she joined the cabinet of Christophe Girard, the mayor of Paris's assistant to the culture.

Later she served as Bertrand Delano's cultural adviser from 2012 to 2014. She was then assigned to New York as a cultural attaché. In November 2019, she became a cultural and communication adviser to President Emmanuel Macron.

Rima has been appointed as the minister of culture recently according to several social media and news sources. 

Let us learn more about Rima Abdul-Malak and take a closer look at her Wikipedia and age. 

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What Is Rima Abdul-Malak Origine? Wikipedia

Rima Abdul-Malak's origine is connected with Lebanon as well, according to her Wikipedia profile

The French politician does have a Wikipedia profile for her wiki and bio, but her Wikipedia profile is only available in the French language. 

We have covered everything to know about Rima in this article and tried to draw her profile for our non-french-speaking readers. 

Malak was born in Lebanon, she lived in Lebanon until the age of 10. Her family moved to Lyon in 1989. She has dual French and Lebanese nationality.

Rima Abdul Malak attended Lyon's Lycée International and subsequently the Institut d'Etudes Politiques until 1999.She graduated from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris with a DESS in development and international cooperation.

What Is Rima Abdul-Malak Age?

Rima Abdul-Malak’s actual age is 43 years old and she was born in 1979.

Similarly, she celebrates her birthday on February 11 every year. She is showered with wishes and blessings by her family and friends on her birthday every year.

According to her actual date of birth, Rima has acquired Aquarius as her zodiac sign.

Making predictions about her personality based on her zodiac sign, people with Aquarius as their zodiac sign tend to be advanced, self-reliant, clever, exceptional, and optimistic. 

Who Is Rima Abdul-Malak Conjoint?

Rima Abdul-Malak's conjoint has not come to the surface yet. 

She has not revealed anything about her married life or even her dating history on the web. 

In fact, Rima has remained silent about her partner or her romantic life so far, she might be keeping her romantic life and dating history away from the media to dodge unwanted media attention. 

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