Right Hand Itching: What Does It Mean?

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Almost every culture shares beliefs in itchy palms, mostly linked with money flow. However, this speculation can be different in various cultures and regions. Generally, it indicates money outflow or inflow.

According to traditional folklore, an itchy right hand suggests you will receive money, while the left hand itching points you will lose money. However, be aware of your spiritual beliefs, as it could also be due to a medical reason. Discover all about the reason behind your right-hand itching.

Origin Of Itchy Palms

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The origin of itchy palms is traced back hundreds of years ago, during the pre-Christian era in Europe, to the Saxons and Celts. According to Sexons, if you rub your itchy skin on silver, it helps to cure most diseases, so they start rubbing their hand in silver.

This speculation had further extended in the superstition where the itchy hands suggest you will receive a silver coin. This idea was later adopted by the Roman fortunetellers, who came up with the idea that we believe today.

Also, the Romany fortune teller came up with the concept that right-hand itches mean money coming your way. There is also another belief if you rub your hand on the wood, it will protect you from bad luck and more money on your way.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Is Itching?

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If your right hand is itching, generally, it means money flow in your life. Besides this, it may mean making new friends who bring motives into your life or getting new job opportunities.

Here are possible explanations for your right-hand itching:


It's an old superstition that right-hand itching is a good prophecy for wealth or the unexpected money in your way. Someone is about to pay you money, or you will get a raise in your job. Besides this, you may receive a new job opportunity.


If your right hand is itching, you may have a probability of winning the lottery. It is believed that if your right-hand starts itching and you buy a lottery ticket, there's a high chance your ticket will be chosen as a lucky number. There are some cases where people even won the prices with this concept.

Meeting Someone New

Itchy right hands suggest you are going to meet someone new who will bring good news into your life or maybe the person who will bring positive change.

It means you will shake hands with strangers who can be your best friend or a soulmate. Besides this, you may also encounter your old friends who have been apart from you for a long time.

Make Difficult Decision

Itchy right palms indicate you should make a tough decision in your life for your happiness and success. If you are thinking of starting a new relationship, leaving your job, or moving, then it's the right time to take action, as it might be the correct decision for you.


Some speculate if you feel a sensation in your right hand, you will soon visit a new place. It reveals you will have a successful business or personal trip. It also means you will set a new journey in life.

Expecting Visitors

In some cultures, people think if their right-hand starts itching, they believe guests or visitors will come to their house.

Cultural Meaning Of Right Hand Itching

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It is common in some cultures that itchy palms are a sign of something specific. In many cultures, it is speculated that if your right palm itches, you will obtain or shake hands with the one who will bring money or good luck into your life. Some also link it with acquiring unexpected fortune or a windfall.

In some cultures and traditions, if your hand is itchy on either the right or left side, it's a sign you will receive money.

Eastern Culture

Eastern culture interprets the meaning based on the male and female. In Hindu practice, they believe an itchy right palm is a good symbol for men while bad for women, as it brings financial gain for the masculine person and loss for the feminine.

In places like Nepal, India, and other South Asian parts, they thought the right hand was linked to masculine energy and the left with feminine energy.

But there is an inverse meaning in some cultures, as they believe the right hand is lucky while others speculate it's unlucky.

Other Culture

In some traditions, right-hand itching is a sign of bad luck. You may have to pay a huge amount soon, or you might make a bad monetary decision. So be careful while you are investing, selling, or gambling.

Biblical Meaning Of Right Hand Itching

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Right-hand itching has both positive and negative outcomes and meanings biblically. 

On the positive side, it's a sign of wealth and abundance, linked with a long and prosperous life. It also may mean healing from past concussions and experiences.

On the negative aspects, it may be spiritual warning and punishment. Also, troubles may be approaching you, or your loved one may suffer from health issues, or you will suffer from health problems.

Here are some spiritual meanings of right palm itching

  • They believe it's a great sign of financial success and abundance.
  • It could be a symbol that god is protecting you.
  • It may also indicate you are investing too much money, and you should be worried about your financial outflow. It means you need to save your assets and belongings.
  • It may be the time for change or to be prepared for a difficult decision.
  • It may indicate some stranger or a person from your past is reaching you because they need your help.
  • While the right hand deals with giving, it may indicate you need to give back through the act of service.
  • It may indicate healing and restoration. It's your time to focus on emotional and spiritual healing.

Right Hand Itching For Male And Female

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In different cultures, right-hand itching has different interpretations for men and women. 

Right Hand Itching In Female

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Right-hand itching for females is considered a bad sign as it means they will lose money. So, if women feel the sensation, they should avoid investing or being involved in financial work.

However, the left-hand itching female suggests much money is coming your way.

Right Hand Itching In Male

Right-hand itching for males shows a positive impact as it implies wealth. So, they will have a financial gain, which means taking new opportunities and investing in new projects will benefit them.

On the other hand, the left hand itching in male indicate losing money.

Right Hand Itching Meanings In Different Areas

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You may not always feel itchy sensations in the same area. You might experience itchiness in a specific area of your hand, which implies a different meaning.

Itchy Right Ring Finger

If your right ring finger experiences itching, it's a good sign, as it means money is coming your way. You will have a financial gain in the future through unexpected ways. It also means you have a chance to improve your financial condition.

Itchy Right Little Finger

Itching on the right little finger means you will receive a gift soon. It would be either material stuff or a valuable lesson of your life. It also indicates you may get a promotion or recognition at your work.

Itchy Right Thumb

If you experience a sensation in your right thumb, be ready for a new journey. It implies you will have a short or long trip and you will have a successful trip.

Itchy Right Index Finger

Itching on the right index finger suggests you will meet someone new, which could be your friend, business partner, or a romantic company. It also means the person will bring the message into your life.

Itchy Right Middle Finger

If you feel a sensation in your right middle finger, it's a warning to be careful of your actions. You may face challenges, and you should need to overcome some obstacles.

What Should You Do If Your Right Hand Itches?

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If your right-hand itches, resist scratching as long as you can, as it helps to increase your luck. If you decide to relieve the itching, stretch your hand on a piece of wood or rub it in your hair. In the ancient period, it was believed that rubbing or knocking your itchy hand on the wood would prevent negative spirits and bring good luck to your life.

Also, it speculated that if you rub your left hand in your hair, it will bring you money.

  • If you believe your right hand is unlucky, rub or scratch it immediately, as it helps to prevent bad luck.
  • While your right hand is itchy, you can also grab hair, as the amount of hair indicates the amount of luck and wealth in Hungary.
  • Some cultures suggest putting your right hand in your pocket after closing your itchy hand to obtain good luck. Meanwhile, some believed that you should spit in your hand for good fortune.

What If Both Hands Itch At Once?

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If both hands are itching, it indicates the balance in your life. It suggests that the outflow and the inflow energies are balanced in your life, so you are supplying or receiving the same portion. If thinking about money, double itch probably means you're tied to get rich soon.

As it is considered good luck, you should put your hands in your pockets or scratch in the woods to receive more good fortune. Also, you can rub your hands with your hair, which implies receiving husky money.

Itchy Palms Successful Stories

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Although itchy palm is a personal belief, here is an official story of people who win the lottery through their faith in an old superstition.

  • In 2016, when Denise McKenzie's hand started itching, she decided to try her luck and buy a lottery ticket. Eventually, her ticket won $100,000 top prizes, per NC Education Lottery.
  • In 2019, one of the Baltimore women won $50,000 after her three daughters felt itching on their hands on the same day, per Newsweek.
  • In 2019, a Local news outlet reported MD couples won $50,000 due to their itchy hands.

Medical Reason Of Itchy Palms

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Besides your spiritual beliefs, hand itching has medical causes. It may be due to dry skin, skin condition, or an allergy. Rarely, it may be a symptom of a serious chronic disease like diabetes, per Healthline.

Dry Skin

Due to dry skin, you may feel irritation, which results in itching in your hand. Dry skin is observed mostly in the winter season.


If you touch something allergic to you, you may experience itching. However, the reaction may not be seen right away. You may feel a sensation after several hours of contact with the allergic substance.

Skin Damage

If you have sensitive skin, then the chemicals may irritate your hands. Also, bruising or scrubbing may trouble your skin and cause peeling, dryness, and itching.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that results in uncontrolled growth of skin cells. Besides itching, you may experience cracked skin and swollen joints.


Eczema is a skin condition that makes your skin itch. It even causes a color patch in your hand.


Rarely, diabetes can result in itchy palms. Due to diabetes, you will have inferior blood circulation, leading to itchy skin. Nonetheless, people will experience itching in their legs than their hands in case of diabetes.

Besides itching, if you experience cracking of the skin, rash, hives, or burning skin, consult your doctor.

How To Treat Itchy Hands?

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While treating your itchy palms, you should know the cause of it. As per the cause, you can apply the treatment for faster relief.

  • If you have dry skin, apply moisturizing lotion several times to relieve itching. You may also look for the cream which hydrates your skin.
  • If it's an allergy reaction, use allergy medication or antihistamine.
  • If you are suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, lotion or ointments may help ease your itchy pains. If it's a severe case, you need a medical prescription.
  • If you diagnose diabetes or check on blood glucose problems earlier, it helps to reduce the side effects.

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