RHONY's Ubah Hassan's Net Worth In Millions and Hot Sauce Company

Ubah Hassan is the founder of a hot sauce company
Ubah Hassan is the founder of a hot sauce company( Source : instagram )

Ubah Hassan has a net worth of $1.5 million from her modeling career and business. She has appeared on Ralph Lauren advertisements and editorials.

RHONY executive Andy Cohen hinted on March 23, 2022, that Bravo and him were planning to revamp the group and bring on a brand-new cast.

A few months later, on Sunday, October 16, Andy appeared on stage at BravoCon to introduce the RHONY season 14 cast. Ubah was among the personalities joining the show, along with six other women.

Quick Facts About Ubah Hassan

Full NameUbah Hassan
Birth Date27 August 1987
Age35 years old
Birth PlaceSomalia
Zodiac SignVirgo
Net Worth$1.5 million
Height5 feet 11 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

RHONY Ubah Hassan's Net Worth

RHONY's Ubah Hassan has a net worth of $1.5 million. At 17, this stunning woman began her modeling career after being seen by a photographer in Vancouver.

She later became the face of Ralph Lauren's s/s 09 advertising campaign and had the opportunity to walk the catwalk for the brand's Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, and Betsey Johnson.

However, Ubah didn't become well-known until Steven Meisel took her picture for the Italian Vogue's colored edition. When colored models were not commonly used, Ubah significantly altered the custom.

Additionally, she is represented by Next Miami, Diva Models in Denmark, and Models 1 in London. Ubah's primary agency, nevertheless, is Richard's International Model Management in Vancouver.

She Has Her Own Business Ventures 

Hassan launched Ubah Spicy, a hot sauce with an African flavor that improves healthy food.

Model Ubah was born in Somalia and now resides in New York City, generally consuming healthful food. 

She never wanted to sacrifice flavor because she wanted to stay healthy, as many food enthusiasts do.

The sauce was initially developed to satisfy a personal need: to swiftly and add a flavor of her Somalian home to regular meals to liven up the bland model diet she was consuming.

Ubah Hassan has founded her own hot sauce
Ubah Hassan has founded her own hot sauce ( Source : instagram )

The hot sauce industry is expanding quickly and is predicted by Forbes to reach 4.38 USD billion by 2028.

When she started, she had no idea how challenging, complicated, and male-dominated it would be. But a big part of her perseverance to move on and make it happen was influenced by her upbringing.

Because of her approach to making connections, Ubah has built a great network of people who contributed knowledge to her launch.

She didn't develop those relationships naturally due to family bonds; rather, she did it by learning from her parents.

Charity Works 

Hassan is active in charitable endeavors. She has traveled to Cambodia and worked closely with the TOMS global charity.

As president and co-founder of the nonprofit Maji Umbrellas, she collaborates with Oxfam America to raise money for safe drinking water in East Africa by selling basic umbrellas.

Ubah, who never forgets her roots, has fought for causes to aid those fighting water scarcity in Somalia and other nations.

She frequently had to trek for six hours and stand in line as a Somalian refugee in Kenya. To help those who live in the horn of Africa who lack access to clean water, Ubah launched Maji Umbrellas, a nonprofit organization.

Ubah is very active on charity works
Ubah is very active on charity works ( Source : instagram )

Intending to provide "Maji," the Swahili term for water, she worked with the shoe Company TOMS to give people in Cambodia shoes and eye surgery.

Is Ubah Hassan Married?

Ubah Hassan from RHONY is not married. However, she was linked to Jason Flom in 2014.

It is assumed that the two were briefly involved but the relationship did not last. Even though she remains quiet about her dating life, she did impart some dating advice with Fox News.

She's so tall, the actress claims, that no one wants to talk to her. However, she has one bit of advice for you if you're attempting to approach her: "Be a gentleman" - introduce yourself properly to everyone, avoid small talk, and go right to the point (and drop your name and number).

Talking about her previous relationships, she appeared to be dating in 2021. He even assisted her in boxing the orders for her firm.

She is currently focused on her career and does not have any children. However, things might change soon since she appeared in a white look at her premiere, possibly hinting at a bridal look.

Her Previous Relationships 

The music mogul Jason Flom was spotted with Ubah Hassan in 2014, according to Page Six. After that, they were rumored to be in a relationship. 

2010 saw the heated divorce battle between Flom and his wife, Wendy. However, music spies claimed that he had sought comfort in Hassan's embrace.

Prior to their separation, Flom and Wendy, a former A&R executive at Atlantic Records, were married for 20 years.

Jason Flom and Ubah Hassan were seen together in 2014
Jason Flom and Ubah Hassan were seen together in 2014 ( Source : bfa )

Following Flom and Hassan's appearance together at Lava's Tao Downtown anniversary celebration in September of that same year, there was speculation regarding their connection.

In the photos, Flom may also be seen kissing Hassan and placing his hand on her thigh. Later that month, the two were spotted together at a Lauren Bush Lauren's FEED charity dinner Hassan hosted at Casa la Femme.

Some FAQs

Was Ubah Hassan in a relationship?

Ubah Hassan was apparently dating Jason Flom in 2014.

What Is Ubah Hassan net worth?

Ubah Hassan's net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

How old is Ubah Hassan?

Ubah Hassan is currently 35 years old.

Early Life & Family 

Ubah Hassan's life hasn't always been spectacular. As a child, she and her father and brother fled war-torn Somalia for Kenya. Her mother and sisters moved to Ethiopia, which caused the family to split up for seven years until reuniting in Canada.

Hassan, who was born in Somalia, moved to Canada when she was 15 years old, along with her family. They spent a year residing at a shelter. She experienced her first snowfall and the culture shock of Canadian children showing up to school in baggy clothing and nail polish.

Hassan started modeling in Toronto and Vancouver after being discovered while she was a youngster, then at age 26, she relocated to New York City.

She became a favorite of photographers after working for Vogue Italia with renowned photographers Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber. The story's title, "Soul Kitchen," was almost prophetically chosen for the first Italian Vogue all-"Black" Issue.

Ubah when she spent Chrismas with her family
Ubah when she spent Chrismas with her family( Source : instagram )

Understanding Ubah's background and the profound influence her mother's example had on her is essential to understanding her as an entrepreneur who is hungry for life — and hot sauce.

According to Ubah, growing up, her mother had a corn farm in Somalia; she didn't have enough money to pay people in cash upfront so she would pay them on credit. And because of the way she treated them, people would wait in line to work for her on credit.

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