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The hot and vibrant English stress, Rhona Mitra is a famed name in the movies industry. Her dazzling personality and mesmerizing physique with cuteness and a girl next-door image has created massive buzz in the audience and the mass of the movie followers. Apart from her beautiful persona, she is equally blessed with the talent of portraying characters beyond imagination and has made her a standout actress among other counterparts. She has the glorious fame and status of a celebrity that anybody dreams of and her charisma is undeniably regarded as one of the best appearing females of the industry. the dimples in her cheek bones, eyes that could captivate anybody with a glance and kill anybody with a stare, her fascinating body measurements and the gloriously scintillating sex appeal she depicts in her presentation is the best of the thing , she offers onscreen for the delight of the viewers. She also is a model with a fame of her own signature styles and boutique collection and even is a well-known singer and songwriter.


Being born into this world in August 9 of 1976 in Paddington, London, England of the United Kingdom to Anthony Mitra and Nora Downey, she has two brothers from her family. She possesses a mixed ethnicity from her father, mother side, as her father belongs with English-Indian decency, and her mother is of Irish- Afrikaans decency. She had a supportive family with a financially stable out bringing and her god gifted looks was well enough for her to be based in the scene of media, which she had an early interest on. She had the qualification of educative background from her hometown and liked to succeed in her dreams to make it big on the field of media.


Her first venture in the world of media and the fashion house was as a model in the movie Lara Croft, which was a characterization of a video game called Tomb Raider. The success of the game made it to make a movie based upon it with a lead character of the Lara Croft played by the famous and sexiest actress of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie then followed up the character bought to life by Rhona Natasha Mitra for the making of the successful movie Tomb Raider with continuous series. The Maxim famed her as 46th top 100 Women of 2001. With the success in her hands, she was featured as a love interest of Christopher Lambert in the movie Beowulf. She then got app[roached in several of the romantic movies like Party of Five alongside Scott Wolf and even was featured in a cameo role in the movie Hollow Man released in 2000. Her other ventures included Gideon’s Crossing as a lead character baase3d in medical dramatization, Ali G Indahouse, Sweet Home Alabama, Stuck on You to name the few. She also had appeared in the television series like Highwaymen and the famous se3ries of Spartacus.


She had the successful career from her initial stage and it kept up growing. She is one of the famously talented women on the media with no objection of showing of her sensuality and the provocative characterization that creates a sex appeal among the mass and is highly popular among the men and the mass along with the fashion and the media houses. She also had appearances on The Practice4s, where she plated Tara Wilson and went on as the series continued with a new name Boston Legal. She has appeared in numerous of movies and television series like Skinwalkers, The Number 23 and Shooter. She got approached to play the main character in Doomsday enacting as Eden Sinclair IN 2008 and played Sonja in the movie called Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. She has been featured in Stargate Universe and in the year 2010 starred in a thriller movie called Stolen. She also has starred in The Gates, a series based in supernatue4al events from the ABC network and enacted the character of Captain Rachel Dalton on the television series for the Cinemax network called Strike Back: Project Dawn. Apart from her multi-talented professional personality, she has acted as Dr. Rachel in the 2014 television series The Last Ship.


Rhona Mitra , the hot and sensuous diva with huge fan following is speculated to have been dating several boyfriends. However, the fact about her getting married and the details of her husband if she has been married is not yet published to the media. More but her feats and triumphs can be searched and found in wiki.