Relly B Bad Boys Club Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Relly B is an entrepreneur with a hair care brand to his name
Relly B is an entrepreneur with a hair care brand to his name( Source : instagram )

Relly B Bad Boys Club birthday is on July 20. His zodiac sign is Cancer and he is 25 years old.

Durell Smylie aka Relly B is one of the popular internet celebrities who made his name through funny videos.

He is famous due to his popular catchphrase, "Where the money resides?". His catchphrase became an instant hit among the people on the internet.

His most recent endeavor includes his appearance on the Zeus show Bad Boys Club. He appears as a cast member on Bad Boys Texas, which is the second season of the reality show.

Besides him, other cast includes Kerrion Franklin, Anthony Hernandez, Jonathan Wright and Ahrah Banga.

Relly B Celebrates His Birthday With Friends

Relly B from Bad Boys Club celebrates his birthday on July 20. Relly B celebrates the day with his loved ones together. 

Durell had shared the photo of him on his 23rd birthday on his Twitter account. Though he was the only one in that photo, it was liked, and his tweets were also retweeted. 

His friends and family had also commented on his post wishing him a birthday. Though there were many commentators on the post, all of these people were just his friends and family members.

Before becoming famous, he worked as car salesman.
Before becoming famous, he worked as car salesman.( Source : instagram )

But around the end of the year, his post went viral and was shared a lot all over the internet.

He became famous after his jingle about inviting people to purchase a vehicle had taken its own life with, "Where the money reside". 

His social following began to grow since the video began to be viral, and even celebrities such as Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion and Ryan Destiny began to use his catchphrase on their social media pages. 

Recognizing his catchphrase had picked up the flame of a viral phrase, he immediately contacted the attorney to trademark the phrase as his own and began to create merchandise with his catchphrase.  

Now not only has he made the viral phrase with his freestyling that has gone viral, he even utilized this phrase to create his own brand. And he is making sure to profit from his creativity. 

Because of his catchphrase, he has become internet sensation.
Because of his catchphrase, he has become internet sensation. ( Source : instagram )

Due to his internet popularity, he is now one of the stars of the reality show Bad Boys Club and he is also one of the main cast members of the show.

Now on his birthdays, he gets to celebrate with an audience and people from the stardom of reality shows. 

This year he will again be celebrating his birthday on July 20. After that celebration, he will reach the age of 26. 

Relly From Bad Boys Club Exudes Cancer Energy

Relly B zodiac sign is Cancer with the Water element in the mix. Cancerians are primarily known for their caring and emotional nature. 

Fans are really excited that one of their favorite star from Bad Boys Texas Club has the zodiac sign of Cancer. They are excited to understand the nature of their favorite star who is said to be in tune with emotions. 

As the fourth sign on the zodiac chart, they have very powerful emotions. They often follow their intuition and gut feelings which most of the time turn out to be a trusty compass. 

Relly B is really loyal to his loved ones.
Relly B is really loyal to his loved ones. ( Source : instagram )

As per Allure, Cancers are extremely conscious about their environment and are extremely protective in nature, either their self-protection or the protection of surrounding people and things. 

The people of the Cancer zodiac symbol are also very loyal to the people they love and are nurturing to their loved ones. Such a case is for Relly B, as he is also loyal to his friends from Bad Boys Texas Club, Prince Papii Rose and Ahrah Banga. 

Relly B cares immensely for his family.
Relly B cares immensely for his family. ( Source : instagram )

But sometimes, they care too much about their family and their friends taking the role of caregiver. This leads to them blurring the line between attentive nurturing and controlling behavior. 

Sometimes these Cancerians people are a bit moody, and their moods change as per the moon's different phases.

According to Today, some of the celebrities who have zodiac symbol as Cancer are Kristen Bell, Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel, Harrison Ford, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Tom Hanks, Priyanka Chopra, Princess Diana and Sofia Vergara. 

Where is Relly B From?

Relly B hails from the state of Louisiana. The star was raised by his guardians.  

This internet celebrity was born and raised in Sorrento, Louisiana. This town had a small population of no more than 1,600 within the town's vicinity. Sorento lies between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. 

The star was raised by his grandmother Dora and auntie Terry, who were very stern with his upbringing but a very fun environment. The star has not mentioned anything about his parents. 

Relly B grew up under the care of his aunt and grandmother.
Relly B grew up under the care of his aunt and grandmother. ( Source : instagram )

Smylie grew up along with his sisters and cousins in Sorrento. The personality though influenced by his horoscope, he got a lively personality from the fun environment that he grew along with. 

As he enjoyed his childhood growing up thoroughly, he still had to follow quite a bit of strict rules while living with his aunt and grandmother—especially his grandmother who was very stern from the beginning. 

He relocated to Baton Rouge, where he began his work at the Honda dealership. Though the dealership only became his stepping stone to reaching the greater height. 

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