Who Is Rekrap2? Everything To Know On Net Worth, Real Name And Face Reveal

Rekrap2 is an American gaming YouTuber whose followers are curious to find out his net worth details.

He is a member of the EchoCraft Server and Lifesteal SMP. He is well known for his futile efforts to drop anvils on other players' heads, as well as his boat clutch.

Parker signed up for YouTube on March 28, 2020, and his debut video was released on July 29, 2020. His first few movies were about the EchoCraft Server, for which he received some attention.

On October 9, 2020, he released a video in which he speculated on the location of the Mycelium Resistance's headquarters. Although he was harshly chastised for the video, he continued to gain recognition.

What Is Rekrap2 Net Worth?

According to youtubers.me, Rekrap2's net worth is estimated to be between $28.7K - $172K.

On April 24, 2021, Parker uploaded I Learned to Do Dream's Insane Boat MLG. It was an instant smash when it was released, and he quickly racked up a large number of subscribers.

With his newfound popularity, he went on to create films for the extreme SMP series and EchoCraft Season 3, where he performed several constructions and pranks, including his famous anvil prank.

He joined Parrot's LifeSteal SMP on August 15, 2021. He began to earn more recognition as a result of being a member of such a large community, and he is now renowned on the server as a good builder, planner, and prankster.

Rekrap2 Real Name Revealed

Rekrap2's real name is Parker. On October 9, 2020, Parker posted a video titled "How to Find the Mycelium Resistance HQ."

His popularity soared when he was complimented on his efforts initially. Many Hermitcraft enthusiasts, on the other hand, accused him of "ruining the server," despite the fact that it is purely roleplaying and fan participation.

Some pointed out that a similar saga occurred when the Hermitcraft wiki achieved a similar achievement, but Grian, a Hermitcraft member, demanded that it be taken down, as well as Parker's video.

Has Rekrap2 Done Face Reveal?

Yes, Rekrap2 has done his face reveal to his fans.

Following that, he continued to submit videos on the EchoCraft Server, but with little success.

After that, he began to gain popularity with films of various collaborations with other members, such as ThatChiefGuy and videos featuring Redstone. He also created his first anvil-related video.

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