Regina Hall's Family Connection and How Her Father Inspired Her To Get Into Acting

Regina Hall to develop and produce television projects under her production company Rh Negative.
Regina Hall to develop and produce television projects under her production company Rh Negative.( Source : usatoday )

Regina Hall had dreamt of starting her own family. But, she has not been able to fulfill that wish of her. 

She gave her time to develop her career. Thus, she is currently busy promoting her new mockumentary Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul

1. Regina Hall Lost Her Father When She Was In Graduate School

Regina Hall was born to an electrician and contractor father, Odie Hall. Odie was married to Ruby. They became parents to four children. 

Regina completed her bachelor's degree in 1992 and had plans to continue her education in English. But, she lost her father in the first semester of her graduate school. 

Regina Hall was not into acting before her father's death
Regina Hall was not into acting before her father's death( Source : variety )

He died of a stroke. Her father wanted her to finish her studies, but his sudden demise caused her to rethink her life. 

2. Her Mother Was Diagnosed With Scleroderma

Regina Hall's mother, Ruby, was a teacher. A decade after losing her father, her mom was diagnosed with Scleroderma. It is a rare autoimmune condition.

She was unaware of the disease when Ruby was diagnosed with it first. At that time, Dana Deanly advised her to connect to Bob Saget, whose sister had died of the same disease.

Regina Hall with her mother
Regina Hall with her mother( Source : pinterest )

Saget had a group called the Scleroderma Research Foundation, where she donated. She even took her mother to the doctor that Bob suggested.

Likewise, when she is not working, she spends two hours every week helping to help older adults at a nursing home in Sherman Oaks, California and spreading awareness of the illness.

3. She Grew Up With Three Siblings

Although the details about Regina Hall's siblings are not well-known, she once mentioned that she grew up with three brothers. Also, during an interview regarding her character, Dawn, in Black Monday, she was asked about how she felt as a woman when Dawn was the only woman in the room with rude men.

Dawn in the Black Monday Talks About rude men
Dawn in the Black Monday Talks About rude men ( Source : blackfilm )

She said she grew up with three brothers and no sisters. So, many things those men in the show said were not shocking to her. But, she added that it is scary to think that 1980 was not that long ago. 

Nevertheless, she has not mentioned other additional details about them on the internet. 

According to Law and Order Wiki, Regina Hall is related to Chip Fields. The source said that she is a sororal niece of Chip. 

Chip is an American singer, actor, television producer, and director who has appeared in well-known movies, programs, and Broadway plays. One of her famous roles is that of Lynetta Gordon, the abusive birth mother of Penny Gordon Woods in the 1970s sitcom Good Times. 

5. She Is The Cousin Of Kim Fields

Regina Hall is the cousin of Kim fields. Kim is the daughter of Chip Fields. 

Kim is an actress and a director. She is best recognized for her appearances as Regine Hunter on the Fox sitcom Living Single and Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey on the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life. 

6. She Dated Several Men But Never Had A Husband

Over the past two decades, Regina Hall's name has been linked to several famous men. But unfortunately, some of them were rumors, whereas some of them were real relationships.

The actress was romantically involved with Damon Wayans, an American actor, in 2005. Likewise, from 2006-2009, she was with Olympic track and field athlete Felix Sanchez.

Regina Hall and Felix Sanchez
Regina Hall and Felix Sanchez( Source : bossip )

Following the breakup, there were rumors that Hall was dating NBA player Arron Afflalo between 2013 and 2016. Then, in 2016, several publications claimed that Hall and the musician Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. were secretly dating.

Additionally, the American actor Hill Harper admitted in 2016 that he had dated her in the past. Although she was in a relationship, she never got married or had a husband. 

7. She Tried To Be A Nun At 40

Regina Hall has gone through the worst breakup. Thus, she attempted to become a Catholic nun in 2010, at the age of 40. However, she was turned down because she was too old, and the cutoff age was 39.

She had first desired to do so at 14 but could not do so. Nonetheless, the reason has not been mentioned yet. 

8. Regina Once Expressed Her Desire To Start A Family

When Regina Hall talked about her upcoming role in the movie The Best Man Holiday, she said it inspired her to reflect on relationships and her desire to start a family in the future, mentioned Bet. 

She was 42 years old at that time. She said she feels pulled toward motherhood, raising a son, and giving the world an extraordinary black man. But she tries to control her desires because she thinks she cannot do anything than pray to be a part of that journey.  

9. She Does Not Have Any Child

Regina Hall will be in her 50s in 2022. She has not yet found the one who would be her, Mr. Perfect. She had shared that she wants nothing but love in a relationship. 

She had also expressed how she wanted to be a mother. She may have gone out or dated many men, but they could not become her husband.  

10. She Changed Her Career Path After Her Father Died

Regina Hall shared how difficult it became for her after her father died in 1994. She had just started graduate school, but she knew her dad wanted her to finish her studies. 

Regina Hall is a successful actress
Regina Hall is a successful actress ( Source : forbes )

At that time, she was forced to rethink her planned future. She had wanted to have a career in writing or journalism, but because of the challenging situation, she shifted to acting.

That major loss led her to where she is today. In addition, she fulfilled her father's wish and graduated in Journalism in 1997. 

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