Reed Timmer Wife:Know About His Net Worth, Height, Age and Girlfriend

Reed Timmer served KFOR-TV as a storm chaser earlier and currently works for AccuWeather. The vibrant and good-looking Reed Timmer is a well-known face in American Television and the field of meteorology. In his tenure, he has gone through very hazardous and wild natural windstorms and hurricanes.

Driving 50 to 60 thousand miles a year, this triumphed meteorologist soon took over storm chasing right after getting his driving lice to sense from Michigan.

This expressive and well-anticipated weather analyst was somebody driven to the field of chasing storms by his passion towards the arrogance of nature from a very early age. He was a video presenter of the Discovery channel’s weather series Storm Chasers and a designer and creator of innovatively designed SRV called The Dominator.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: March 17, 1980 (age 38 years)
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Profession: Meteorologist

Reed Timmer Family

Reed Timmer and his wife Maria Molina Timmer are happily married. Reed and Molina shared their vows after dating for more than four years. The couple is living a contented life but the information about their family and children is not found yet.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: N/A
  • Wife: Maria Molina Timmer
  • Children: N/A
  • Marital Status: Married

Reed was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan of the United States on 17 March of 1980. Starting as a storm chaser came early from his young age.

At his tender age, when he was just 5 years old, the love of extremes of the weather conditions obsessed him.

It was something that he was very fond of and loved to be in interest. Right in his hometown where he experienced snows, thunderstorms and extreme weather calamities, he had no stopping back. A bright student of Science, he was a national champion in Tree Identification.

He won the event in Science Olympiad in1996. He moved to Oklahoma to pursue his dream career and studied meteorology from the University of Oklahoma.

He got his degree in meteorology in 1997 when he still was chasing storms and analyzing its initials. Regarding his studies as a strong foundation and chasing storms on sideways, he got his BS then the MS Degree and is still pursuing studies being a candidate of Ph.D. in meteorology.

Reed Timmer – Professional Career

When he first started as a storm chaser, he had regular bare vehicles and cameras to make the video of the storms that occurred.

He only thought of selling the videos to make up a living while he worked in the Golf course in the summers. The video filming began from being just a hobby into a regular job evidently, as he sold out his experiences and viewings.

He was very passionate about getting way to closer to Tornados and better understands them. He being a student of Science, it made up for his studies as well. He then created an innovated vehicle called The Dominator, which could withstand the severe storms.

The Dominators were cars strongly armored to record data that other people could not safely catch and to face the hazards of the Tornado’s occurrences as well as equipped with strong innovative designs that even could get near a F4 or F5 level tornados.

He filmed the storms by getting much closer to them, which made the viewers relate to him and get a better view of the static phenomena. He had full 3D X-Ray view of the Tornados that he filmed and was able to know what was happening inside of it.

He electrifyingly captured and researched the complexities and the better analysis right from the initial stage of the tornados and its hard devastation.

For him approaching the supersized tornados was not much of a big deal. When he came across it, it mesmerized him rather than terrifying him. He had the strength of withstanding any force of storms that he came across.

He was a perfectionist dazzled by the organization, the force of nature and its scientific beauty. He boldly intercepted it irrespective of its strength to kill or cause casualties.

Reed Timmer Net Worth & Salary

How much is Reed Timmer net worth? He along with his busy schedules and extravagant hobbies, which he prefers to being called as his job, is a man with clear perspective determination. It is preferably un-doubtful that the salary and net worth of the dashing celebrity Reed seems notable and super strong, since it is obvious.

Being a hot presenter or better called as a Storm Chaser from his hit series he keeps his private life simple and strictly out of media.

His official Twitter account is @reedtimmerTVN and has a Facebook page Reed Timmer. More in formations and videos about him and is triumphs of storm chasing is found in the internet and wiki easily.