Reddit: Rayla Campbell Gender Queer Book Controversy, Was She Arrested?

Rayla Campbell at a convention speech talking about the sex education in schools
Rayla Campbell at a convention speech talking about the sex education in schools( Source : cloudimg )

Rayla Campbell has been the center of attention with her views on gay people and the rights of the LGBTQ+ society, and with her recent controversy on the book “Gender Queer,” she is receiving even more hate.

Gender Queer is a comic-style book and memoir written by Maia Kobabe. The latter shares eir experience through her journey to finding her gender identity and helps others understand their journey.

But this book has been heavily criticized by conservative republicans to the point of banning it from schools and calling it an obscene form of art.

Reddit: Rayla Campbell Gender Queer Book Controversy

Rayla Campbell, the running candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of State, has been one of the most vocal instigators of hatred and unacceptance against the Gender Queer Book. A post about the politician’s statement on Reddit about the book was the start of the controversy, which is still ongoing.

According to the post, the politician of the Republic party warned her fellow Republicans about teachings in kindergarten classes with regards to the comic book Queer Gender, saying,

“I don’t think it’s nice when they’re telling your 5-year-old that he can go suck another 5-year-old’s [expletive],” she said. “Do you? Because that’s what’s happening in your schools! If this makes you uncomfortable, it should.”

Rayla Campbell running for the Massachusetts Secretary of State
Rayla Campbell running for the Massachusetts Secretary of State( Source : townsquare )

This statement from the candidate running for the Secretary of the State raised concerns among the netizen, with people criticizing the politician for being biased against the LGBTQ+ community.

One person claiming to be a teacher commented, “As a young educator, the furthest pride goes in school is incorporating belonging and acceptance in my classrooms curriculum.”

She further expanded her statement, saying, “Not explicitly gay or LGBT topics, but celebrating unique families like the fact that Timmy has a step dad, Jessica has two moms, and even silly kindergarten things.”

So yes, Rayla Campbell had always been in the heat for her opinions and attitude toward queer people. Still, with her recent comments in the book “Gender Queer,” she just earned herself a confirmation for being biased and homophobic.

Was The Massachusetts Politician Arrested?

Recent news about the politician suggests that Rayla Campbell got arrested by the police and related to the book Gender Queer after she went around spreading misinformation about the book.

According to another Reddit post earlier today, Rayla told people that the comic book Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe contained explicit content on children.

Rayla Campbell's alleged arrest regarding Gender Queer book
Rayla Campbell's alleged arrest regarding Gender Queer book( Source : reddit )

With the spread of misinformation, one person Campbell talked to filed a report to the police about her owning explicit content on children, getting her arrested, according to the Reddit post.

The comments are just people trolling the politician and telling her she got what she deserved for her actions.

Is Rayla Campbell Gay?

No, Rayla Campbell is not gay since she is a republican politician and extremist who goes to great lengths to deny the rights of gay and LGBTQ+ people.

Campbell is in a sticky situation right now because of her twisted views and opinions against gay and queer people and thinks that teaching people to take their time to learn about their gender identity is forcing them to become gay.

As a conservative, Rayla has tried to build people up against the queer society, and the LGBTQ+ community genuinely worries about her being the Secretary of State.

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