What Is Rapper Omeretta The Great Real Name?

Amaria Williams is the real name of Rapper Omeretta the Great. On June 20, 1996, she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

She was born to the parents Marreo D Williams and mother Mohummad Niobia. Marreo passed away in July 1997 due to gang-related issues. 

On the other hand, her mother is living and thriving with her children and grandchildren. Mohammad's career details are still a mystery to the media. 

Omeretta the Great grew up with her two sisters, Nyrobi and the other is known by her Instagram handle @koolaskshot. She has a brother named Rashid Williams. 

Rapper Omeretta Age Revealed 

Omeretta the Great turns twenty-six years old in 2022. She holds the nationality of the United States. 

Her stage name Omeretta The Great, was inspired by her uncle, Omartta. She took the nickname and modified it to a female version.

Omeretta the Great dreamed of being famous since she was a baby. She intended to be a lawyer, as she mentioned in a podcast.

However, the teenage trauma of losing her father and a friend encouraged her to begin writing. She joined Savannah State University after graduating from high school.

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Omeretta The Great Net Worth In 2022

As per exact net worth, Omeretta The Great net worth is estimated at $250,000 in 2022.

Her primary source of income comes from music. She has collected a massive income from her music career. 

Although she has yet to gain higher prominence in her career, it indicates that she is constantly at work on her new music. 

 If she manages to steal the hearts of the viewers, she will certainly reach the top and accumulate substantial total wealth.

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Does Omeretta The Great Have A Boyfriend? Her Relationship Explored 

According to Distractify, Omeretta the Great is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Tabryon Rashad Smith. 

Tabryon Rashad is on sentence after being accused of robbing nine Asian-owned enterprises in Georgia in October and November of 2017.