Rapper Fedez Health Problems: What Happened To Him And What Is Demyelination?

Italian rapper Fedez is facing serious health problems. Diagnosed with an undisclosed disease, fans want to know about Demyelination, which he had mentioned earlier.

Rapper Fedez has some message to the fans. The Italian hip-hop artist shared the news which led his fans to worry about him.

Known for the songs like Mille, Sapore, Chiamami Per Nome, and many more, Federico Leonardo Lucia aka Fedez is not healthy at the moment as he revealed the health problems he has been facing lately.

To find out more about his health problems, follow the article.

Rapper Fedez Health Problems: What Happened To Him?

Rapper Fedez took his Instagram story to reveal his health problems.

The unwell Fedez allowed his fans to know that he has been diagnosed with an illness and will be going on medical treatment.

The Mille-fame rapper shared in an emotional story stating that he feels to be able to share his journey which he is about to take now, in the future.

He revealed to have gained some comfort after listening to the people’s stories.

His words might reveal that he will be taking a break for some time from his social media handles as he further stated that he needs to be with his family and children at the moment.

Following up the emotional story, his lovely wife of over 4 years Chiara Ferragni took her Instagram to show her support to her husband. Ferragni is a businesswoman and a fashion designer.

They are parents to son Leone and daughter Vittoria.

What Is Demyelination? Rapper Fedez Illness

Demyelination is a disease that occurs when myelin sustains damage. Rapper Fedez has shared about the disease back in 2019.

He had revealed to have found a small white scar signifying the potential risk of having multiple sclerosis. Fedez has further referred to the scar as a form of demyelination.

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord causing disability. Myelin, the protective coating of nerve cells sustaining damage leads to demyelination. The protective layer covers can be found in the brain and spinal cord as well.

The disease can lead to multiple disorders with symptoms including vision loss, muscle weakness and spams, sensory changes, and changes in bladder and bowel habits.

The rapper has not been confirmed to be diagnosed with demyelination in 2022.

Meet Rapper Fedez On Instagram

Rapper Fedez can be found on Instagram as @fedez

He is huge on the picture-sharing platform. Fedez often shares an insight into his personal and professional detail to 13.5 million followers.   

He has shared 4,000 posts to date.

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