Rapper: Crip Mac Gets Beat Up In LA By His Own Hood, Fighting Video On Instagram

A video featuring rapper Crip Mac getting beat up in LA by his hood is circulating on social media currently. People are concerned and interested in learning more.

Crip Mac is a well-known American rapper who is known for tracks such as "Opp Goblin," "This 55th Street," "No Fair Ones," "Trenches," "Hammer Time," and "Big Amount."

He's currently trending on the internet after sharing a DP covered in blood and beaten by his homies.

Rapper Crip Mac Gets Beat Up In LA By His Own Hood: Fighting Video On Instagram

Watch Crip Mac being beaten up by his hood in a La for claiming to be from a different gang in this Instagram video.

In a video uploaded by No Jumper on January 7, 2022, we can see him covered in blood.

Crip didn't say much in the videos, preferring to keep his fans and followers updated.

He has a cut under his eye and several additional scratches on his face.

According to reports, his homies bit him after seeing an old Facebook post in which he claimed to be a member of a different gang.

However, the rapper's supporters are concerned about his health and feel sad for him as a result.

He was a wonderful man who was trying to raise awareness about suicide.

According to a Channel 5 interview, Andrew Callaghan was spotted assisting homeless people on the street and supplying them with food.

Crip Mac Age: How Old Is He?

Crip Mac's current age, based on his appearance, is considered to be in his late 20s to mid-30s.

His exact age is unknown to the general public at this time.

According to his Twitter account, he is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Explore Rapper Crip Mac Net Worth 2022

Crip Mac, a well-known rapper, is expected to have a net worth of roughly $10 million in 2022.

However, his actual earnings and profits so far have not been made public. 

His song, "This 55th Street," catapulted him to fame, and being engaged in the profession as a singer has brought him a lot of money.

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