Ralph Tresvant Brother Andre Tresvant Shares The Talent For Gospel Music

Both brothers are very much into singing, though both are invested in different genre.
Both brothers are very much into singing, though both are invested in different genre. ( Source : instagram )

Ralph Tresvant brother Andre Tresvant is a gospel singer. Andre Tresvant released his first album, All Shall Confess in 2011.

Ralph Tresvant is a well-reputed American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. Other than that, he is mainly known for being the lead singer of the R&B group New Edition.

Due to his song, he is one of the most successful celebrities in America. 

Singer Ralph was born on May 16, 1968, to his parents Patricia Trevant and Ralph Hall. He was born in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts.

When he was in his junior year in high school, he along with friends Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins started to put their performances at local talent shows. Eventually, they formed a band together.

The band was named New Edition, signifying the new edition of the Jackson 5. The band was signed by Maurice Starr and his independent label recorder, Streetwise Records Label.

A fifth member was added to the group named Ronnie DeVoe. 

Ralph Tresvant Brother Is Also A Singer

Ralph Tresvant brother Andre Tresvant is a singer and record producer. Andre started his singing career at a young age with his sibings.

Andre Tresvant is the youngest sibling of Ralph and the youngest child of the family. Andre, along with his family, moved to California when he was at the age of seven. 

Similar to his elder brother, he was also very much into music, mainly focused on rap but later on, he slowly moved to sing songs. 

Andre has been singing Gospel songs since his late teens.
Andre has been singing Gospel songs since his late teens. ( Source : facebook )

His mother, Patricia was his greatest inspiration as she always encouraged him to sing. Plus, Patricia was very much into God and was very religious.

So, she and other women and men used to sing in a choir in the church, which was very inspiring for him. 

But when he was 16 years old, the Tresvant family matriarch passed away. Andre Tresvant felt very desolate at the time. So, he turned to God.

He stayed on three day fast and asked for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He cut off his phone, closed the blinds, and prayed to God. 

Getting inspiration from God he was inspired by a passion for preaching God's name and singing the Gospel. Since then, he has been putting videos of him preaching and singing gospel songs on his YouTube Channel for others to listen to. 

Ralph Has Two Siblings

Ralph Tresvant has two siblings under him. One of them is his youngest brother Andre and the other is his second sister Latonya. 

Similar to Ralph, Andre also stepped on the path of music. His choice of music genre is different from his elder brother's.

But even then, Andre is very proud and happy with what he sings. Andre is mostly onto Gospel songs and is very good at it. 

On the other hand, Ralph's sister Latonya Tresvant has chosen a different path than her siblings. Latonya was born on April 4, 1970. Currently, she will be 53 in the coming month. 

Latonya has been living in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1987. But unlike her brothers Ralph who is very open about his public life, Latonya has kept her private life very personal.

Latonya has two adorable children with her.
Latonya has two adorable children with her.( Source : facebook )

But she does have a Facebook profile, and looking at the different pictures, she is already married and has two children, one girl and one boy. Now, all of her children are in their teens and grown up. 

Ralph Tresvant Parents

 Ralph Tresvant was born to his mother Patricia Tresvant and father Ralph Hall. 

Both Patricia and Ralph were natives of Boston and had lived there since they were young. The couple got married in 1967. They had three children. 

While they were in Boston, his father passed away during that time. So, Patricia took all of her children along with her. When she moved to California, she was new to the place. So, she took some to adjust to the place. 

Mother of three, Patricia was very religious woman.
Mother of three, Patricia was very religious woman.( Source : facebook )

Patricia was a very religious woman and always led her children toward God. She used to be a part of the choir group in the church, which inspired her son Andre to sing gospel songs similar to his mother. 

Eventually, Patricia passed away in 1996. She was in her 50s when she passed.

The Singer Has Been Married Twice

Ralph Tresvant was previously married to Shelly Jean and Amber Serrano. Ralph is, however, separated from both of his wives.

First Wife Shelly Jean

The singer's first relationship was with his childhood sweetheart Shelly Jean. The pair went to the same school South Boston High School and had known each other since a young age.

Their story started as puppy love at the age of 11, and the duo continued to date for 14 years. 

Shelly is the mother of three children from Ralph.
Shelly is the mother of three children from Ralph.( Source : facebook )

After 14 years of relationship, they changed their status to husband and wife and welcomed three children.

Their first child was a daughter. Later, the pair had a son and another daughter together. 

Despite being shortly married to each other, the pair's marriage was already going through a rough patch.

Later there came the shocking news that Ralph was having an extramarital affair with Amber Serrano.

After knowing she was cheated on, Shelly immediately filed for divorce from her husband. Their long years of relationship ended within three years of marriage in 1996.

Second Wife Amber Serrano

After the immediate end of his relationship with Shelly, the singer had already begun dating Amber Serrano.

Amber had met Ralph Tresvant when she was just 13 years old and was a very hardcore fan of New Edition, especially of Ralph.

By profession, Amber was a visual art designer and visual artist. The pair had crossed the path of each other when one time she had fallen down a staircase and Ralp was around there at that moment.

He went to confirm if she was okay. At that time, the couple exchanged phone numbers. 

The couple attending 8th Annual Kandyland.
The couple attending 8th Annual Kandyland. ( Source : pinterest )

This started their 8-year-long relationship, which ended in marriage. The couple got married on 18 September 2004, along with his buddy Ricky Bell who was getting married to his sweetheart Amy Correa. 

Amber and Ralph had a son five years before their marriage. The pair got divorced in 2020, ending their 16 years of marriage. 

Ralph Tresvant Has Four Children

Ralph Tresvant has been blessed with four children from his two marriages. All of his children are already in their 20s.

The singer had three children from his initial marriage with his ex-wife and childhood sweetheart Shelly.

His first daughter was Na'Quelle Tresvant Smith, the second child was a son who was named Ralph Tresvant Jr. and his third child was a daughter who was named Mariah Tresvant

Na'Quelle has already been married to her high school sweetheart Darius Smith. The pair has given birth to three children, two sons, and one daughter, making the singer Ralph grandfather.

Currently, Na'Quelle lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia.

The singer has total of four children, two boys and two girls
The singer has total of four children, two boys and two girls( Source : facebook )

On the other hand, Ralph Jr. is very private about his life and there is not much present of him on any social media. The singer's youngest daughter Mariah has much less social media presence than her eldest sister. Mariah is currently living in Oakland, California. 

The singer Tresvant had a son from his second marriage with Amber. His name is Dakari Tresvant. Currently, he is already in his early 20s. He is also interested in following in his father's footsteps and wants to be a singer.

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