Racing Trainer George Boughey Wikipedia, Here Is What We Know About The Trainer

While George Boughey doesn't have Wikipedia, here is everything you need to know about the trainer.

George Boughey is an up-and-coming horse trainer in the Newmarket.

Although the trainer has a limited experience as a licensed trainer, his knowledge and years of hard work have started paying off already.

He recently cashed in a popular $300k Guinea win in Newmarket and the person is bound to go further and achieve big things.

All these incredible achievements in a short time have attracted the attention of many people.

As they are curious to learn more about the man, here is everything available to know about George Boughey.

George Boughey Wikipedia Biography

George Boughey is yet to be recognized on the official Wikipedia bio page but things are progressing steadily.

Growing up on the farm and around the horses, George gained an interest in horse racing from an early age.

He quickly started shifting his focus towards horses and read different forms rather than academic books in his school years.

As mentioned on his website, Boughey started working in the bloodstock business after completing school.

He eventually went to Newcastle University to study Agriculture and Business Management and later traveled to Australia to work for two of the biggest names in Australian horse racing.

Followed by another six years of training as an assistant trainer, he finally got his license as a trainer in 2019.

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What Is George Boughey Net Worth In 2022?

George Boughey's net worth in 2022 is thought to be around $500k- $1 million.

The majority of his earnings come from his profession as a horse racing trainer and other involvements.

The man has made some good amounts in recent times which has increased his wealth.

However, the official confirmation of his valuation is still pending on the internet sources.

Thus, the above figure is based on other information such as his earnings and career.

George Boughey Age: How Old Is He?

George Boughey is 30 years old.

He started working in the horse racing field as a teenager and worked out for himself in his 20s.

Apparently, he is now one of the youngest trainers in the sport.

Many people are even surprised by the success that Boughey has achieved at such an age.

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