Does Prime Survival's Hazen Audel Have A Wife? Here Is What We Know

People are wondering about the love life and wife of the popular Prime Survival host Hazen Audel; however, it looks like the host is unmarried. He has been getting a very positive response for his show.

Let's find out more about the uprising star and his personal life.

Hazen had a love for nature from a young age and always loved to spend time outside the city made of concrete forest and greenery. He used to go out on his own to nature and discover new things that he never has explored.

His will to explore nature brought him to the current position that he has in his popular show. The best thing about him is that he easily gets acclimatized to places he visits and gets friendly with the local populace.

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Does Prime Survival's Hazen Audel Have A Wife?

As of now, he is unmarried, so he does not have a wife. So far, he has not talked to the public about his plan to get married, so it is highly unlikely that they will get married any time soon. He is very focused on this career right now.

Currently, he does not seems to be in any relationship and no name has been attached to him. However, in the past, it was reported by Aussieceleb that he was in a long time relationship of 6 years which ended sadly.

He might be single now because he has a limited time to spend off-screen as he is in wild most of the time. He says that nature is more comforting for him than a crowded city.

People can follow him on Instagram under the handle name hazenaudel with more than 65,000 followers. He can be seen posting updates and pictures of his various adventurous journey.

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Hazen Audel Wikipedia & Bio - Where Is He From?

Hazen Audel is from Spokane, Washington, he was born and raised there. As reported by Responsible Travel, He is of Kootenai and Salish Native American and Greek descent. He tries to promote nature.

He believes nature is a very important part of anyone's life; he even founded The Wild Classroom to provide teachers and students with proper education giving them access to natural history educational videos for use in the classroom and home.

Initially, he has seen in Survive The Tribe in 2014 and that show allowed him to reach a massive audience since then, his popularity has been surging. He was respected by many people.

He started his alone journey when he was just 19 years old. He decided to go to Ecuador on his own, and despite the difficulty, he face he managed to fall in love with the freedom he felt, as per Responsible Travel.

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