Who Is Jay Toomoth? Know About The Cast Of Pirate Gold of Adak Island

Jay Toomoth and his wife, Ali Toomoth at Heavenly Mountain Gondola Ride
Jay Toomoth and his wife, Ali Toomoth at Heavenly Mountain Gondola Ride( Source : facebook )

Jay Toomoth is one of the cast members of the new Netflix show, Pirate Gold of Adak Island, where treasure hunters risk their lives to search for gold hidden by pirates over a century ago.

The show has garnered quite the viewers' attention and is set to premiere on June 29. With the remote Island of Adak being under major economic crisis, the mayor decided to unearth the alleged gold hidden in the Island to help the Island.

Let us learn more about the treasure hunter Jay Toomoth who is a part of a skilled treasure hunting team searching for the lost pirate gold; his age, Wikipedia bio, age, wife, and Instagram.

Pirate Gold of Adak Island: Jay Toomoth Age

Judging by his appearance, Jay Toomoth looks like he is in his late 40s. The cast of Pirate Gold of Adak Island has not been very active on his social media, so there is not much information on his age.

Based on the few pictures of him on his social media, it seems that the reality TV star has three adult daughters, two who have their own families, and the other who recently got married.

His daughter Abigail posted a picture of him and his wife from back in the day thanking him for taking care of her and her sisters.

Jay Toomoth Wikipedia Bio Explored

Jay Toomoth does not have a Wikipedia biography about him yet since he has just started appearing on television.

The reality TV star is a cast member on Netflix's Pirate Gold of Adak Island, where a team of skilled treasure hunters works to find the gold in the Adak Island. With over $300,000,000 worth of gold buried by a pirate in 1892, it is a job worth risking their lives.

Jay Toomoth works with a team of other skilled treasure hunters to unearth the hidden pirate gold on the Island. However, there is a twist to the hunt: the Adak Island lands are riddled with unexploded bombs from the World War.

So, the job may literally cost them their lives. The mystery of detecting something underneath being gold worth millions or a bomb makes the show even more thrilling and interesting for its viewers.

Does Jay Toomoth Have A Wife? Relationship Status Disclosed

Yes, Jay Toomoth has a wife named Ali Toomoth, and the two have been married for quite some time. The two have three lovely daughters who are all happily married.

Jay is not as active on his social media, but his wife is active on her Facebook, where she shares her moments with her loving husband. The two love to travel a lot and are seen going on vacations and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Ali Toomoth shared a picture of the family having fun at the beach on her Facebook. 


Meet Jay Toomoth On Instagram

Jay Toomoth recently joined Instagram, and you can find him @jaytoomoth. You can see some surreal scenes on the treasure hunter's Instagram.

With the miner finally on Instagram, we hope to see more of all the cool new places the treasure hunter sees every time he goes hunting for treasure.

His Instagram bio describes himself as a treasure hunter, voice-over, miner, content creator, designer, drone pilot, and entrepreneur.

Since he has just started using the platform, he only has two posts with 44 followers for the time being. However, it will soon blow up with his appearance on the new Netflix show.

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