What Happened To Philece Sampler On Days Of Our Lives?

Philece Sampler passed away at the age of 67. Sympathies poured from her fans, followers, fellow cast members, and her well-wishers. 

Sampler was born on 16th July 1953 in the state of Texas in the city of San Angelo. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a drama degree. She was able to promptly find work, in a few movies and TV series. 

She landed a role in the show The Incredible Hulk but she is mostly remembered by her fans as Renee Dumonde from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. 

Death Tribute, How Did Philece Sampler Pass Away?

Unfortunately, Sampler passed away due to a heart attack in Los Angeles on the 1st of July, 2021. She was a charming, wise, and open-minded personality. As she contributed early on in the works of animation and voice acting. 

Moreover, Sampler had also taken a sabbatical from her acting work and went to Japan with her then-fiance. The couple returned with a few screenplays and established a production company Philman Entertainment. 

Sampler had been working on Sordid Lives as an Associate Producer. The show was created by Del Shores. She also acted in the animated series The Incredible Hulk as the Hulk's love interest Betty Ross. 

The Cast Of Days Of Our Lives Details: Philece Sampler Friendship With The Show

The days of our lives are related to the lives of the Horton family, and the residents of Salem, which is a fictional midwestern suburb. However, there is also the addition of other families like Bradys and Dimeras were introduced. 

Philece Sampler played the character of Renee Dumonde she played the role for 3 years, she interacted with Marlena Evans who was played by Deidre Hall and eventually established a friendship with Jessica Blake Fallon. 

Likewise, her relationship with the Horton family, cemented her role in the show, as she was further admired by her fans and the cast of The Days of Our lives. 

Moreover, the cast of days of our lives expressed their grief and sympathy to the family of Sampler, they seem to have established a close connection with one another throughout the duration of show.