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Seventy four years old Peter Edward ‘Pete’, a former Major League Baseball player and manager , born on April 14, 1941, in Cincinnati, Ohio, was the son of Harry Francis ‘Pete’ and Laverne Rose. He was one of four children of his parents. He is also nicknamed scornfully as ‘Charlie Hustle’ by Whitey Ford but Rose accepted that nickname as a symbol of honor. Rose was one of the members of the ‘Order of DeMolay’ and was encouraged to participate since his childhood to become a great sportsman by his father Harry Francis. Rose, when he was at Western Hill High School, played both football as well as baseball.


Later in 1960, just after his graduation, signed with his hometown Cincinnati Reds. His father seems very much supportive with his sporting career. As he lost his interest in his studies, at the end of the school year, his teacher declared that he should attend summer school or be held back. In this situation Rose’s father, Harry, decided that it would be better for Rose to repeat a year of school than miss summer playing baseball. This shows how supportive his father was to him for making his career in sports. Rose played from 1963 to 1986 and worked as a manager of a club from 1984 to 1989. During his professional career he has experienced struggle and lots of ups and downs in his life. Despite the disappointment of his career he continued to grow. He bagged lots of titles and honors. He also served in the US Army. After the 1963 baseball season he was assigned to Fort Knox at Fort Thomas, Kentucky.


On January 18, 1964 Pete Rose graduated from United States Army Basic Training, just one week before his marriage to wife Karolyn. It is already mentioned above that he is not only a prominent baseball player but also the talented manager. He has shown his dual talent to the world and earned both name and money. Today he is in possession of a net worth of $4 million dollars approximately. For the period of his professional baseball playing and managing career, Rose also earned $7.1 million in salary. The year 1986 brought him great fortune as a manager when the Cincinnati Reds paid Rose $1 million for managing the team.


Not only as a manager but also as a player, in 1979, Rose signed, with the Reds, a four year $3.225 million deal. In his professional career he went under through many even and odds. He was castigated for his assaults and unprofessional behaviors. He also was accused of betting on Red games. After the revelation of betting he was prohibited in the Baseball Hall of Fame though the decision that is still being contested. However, Rose did not accept all of the accusations against him and rejected to appear at a hearing with Giamatti on the matter. He also filed a lawsuit in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court blaming the Commissioner for not providing a fair hearing. A Cincinnati judge issued a temporary off-putting order to delay the hearing, but Giamatti struggled to have the case moved to Federal Court. The Commissioner succeeded in that attempt, after which he and Rose had settlement negotiations. On January 8, 2004, Rose finally admitted publicly through his autography ‘My Prison Without Bars’ published by ‘Rodale Press’ that he had betted on baseball games and other sports while working as a manager. He additionally admitted that he had betted on Reds games, however aforementioned that he never bet against the Reds. He repeatedly admitted in an interview on the ABC news program Primetime Thursday and also accepted in the book that he hoped his acceptance would help end his ban from baseball so that he could reapply for his return to the game.


Pete Rose has begun to live married life with loving wife Karolyn Englehardt since January 25, 1964. As his professional life his personal life didn’t went smoothly. Though he became the father of two children he divorced in 1980. From his first wife he got a daughter, Fawn, on December 29, 1964 and a, Pete Rose Jr, on November 16, 1969.


Son Pete Rose Jr, also followed his father's footsteps and became a player. He played for 16 years as a minor league player. He played one stint with the Reds in 1997. Like his father he was also proved guilty for distributing drugs to his minor league teammates in the late 1990s. He was brought into book and sent one month in jail on the charge. Cara, Rose’s daughter, is a television actress, seen as a regular actress in the first season of the soap opera Passions. She is also playing a recurring role on Melrose Place Rose remarried after four years of his divorce with Karolyn. He got Carol J. Woliung as his second wife in 1984. Carol also gave him two children: a son Tyler and a daughter Cara. This marriage also tasted the bitter experience of divorce on March 2011. Rose again started a relation with another beautiful lady, a Playboy model, Kiana Kim. On January 14, 2013 Rose appeared with Kim in a reality show called Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs. Premiered on TLC which was on the life of Rose and Kim.

Aside from being a veteran sportsman having several records and achievements, Rose is also a very religious kind of person who has a profound respect towards spirituality and religion. His detail biography can be obtained from Wiki and other sites relating to him. He is also actively involved in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


He possesses a height of 5’11” and weights around 192 lbs. He is one of the handsome athletes as he was successful to date a girl who is half of his age.


There are lots of craze of Rose as he has millions of followers who even be ready to die to take a single autograph of him. As of March 2014, he earned $1 million dollar signing the paid appearances and autograph.