Pete Correale Has A Multifaceted Career - How Much Money Does He Have?

Pete Correale is 52 years.
Pete Correale is 52 years.( Source : petecorreale )

Pete Correale has a net worth of $3 million dollars through his profession as a comedian, writer, and TV host.

He presently co-hosts the iHeartRadio podcast The Pete and Sebastian Show with fellow comic Sebastian Maniscalco. He also contributed as a writer and guest star on the CBS series Kevin Can Wait.

Correale relocated to New York City after receiving his degree to perform improv comedy and pursue a part-time acting career. At the age of 24, he made his stage debut.

At many of the clubs he worked in, he traded stage time for cleaning floors and flipping burgers. In 2013, he issued his debut comedy CD, Give It a Rest. Additionally, he co-hosted the previous SiriusXM broadcast of the Bruer Unleashed Show.

He has performed comedy shows alongside Dave Chappelle, Jay Mohr, Jeffrey Ross, and, most recently, Brian Regan.

Peter Correale Net Worth As An Actor

Peter Correale has a net worth of $3 million from his career as an actor, comedian and television personality.

After college, he moved to New York to pursue an acting and comedy career. He started out at the bottom like any other struggling performer who hoped to go on a greater stage, working part-time in numerous pubs and doing stand-up comedy.

Pete Correale is a professional stand up comedian originally from New York.
Pete Correale is a professional stand up comedian originally from New York. ( Source : petecorreale )

As he got better, the comedian put out his debut comedy CD, Give It a Rest, in 2013. Later, he shared hosting duties for the SiriusXM show Bruer Unleashed. 

Throughout his career, the comedian has worked with a number of well-known comedians, including Dave Chappelle, Jeffrey Ross, Jay Mahor, and Brian Regan. He is currently working with Sabastian Maniscalco on a podcast called The Pete and Sebastian Show.

The podcast hosts recently tempted their listeners by posting on Facebook from Sebastian's house and previewing the upcoming release of a thrilling new episode.

It is not unexpected to believe that Pete is worth at least seven figures, despite the fact that his career as a comedian is flourishing.

His comedy shows, which frequently have sold-out audiences, are another significant source of his fortune. Additionally, he earns money online by selling his uniquely made products.

Pete Correale Has Multiple Sources of Income

His primary sources of income are writing and stand-up comedy performances. Additionally, Pete has voiced over and done advertisements. Pete has written for the television program Dog Bites Man and has acted in a number of motion pictures.

1. Stand-Up Performances

Professional stand-up comedian Pete Correale's humor is an accurate reflection of his experiences and life.

He never runs out of material because he's been married for more than twenty years and has a small daughter. Pete gives the impression that he is the funniest guy at a party rather than just another comedian on stage because of his conversational delivery and endearingly down-to-earth New Yorker demeanor.

Pete Correale performing on stage.
Pete Correale performing on stage. ( Source : petecorreale )

Pete has frequently performed on Letterman, Conan, and The Tonight Show. In addition to producing two comedy albums and three one-hour television comedy specials, the second album, Made For Radio, which was released in June 2019, shot to the top of the iTunes comedy charts.

The performer earns loads through his stand-up comedy, be it stage shows or live TV shows. In general, the performer determines how much money is made.

The middlemen get between $15 and $30 per gig plus travel and lodging, while the entry-level workers make around $5 to $10 per session. However, as his name is big, Pete has collected a significant number. 

2. Writer

Correale writes for his own shows usually. This makes his income getting linked to his stand-up performance. However, he also writes big shows while cohosting them or for someone else. Since 1995, Pete has been a TV writer, and in 2011, he was nominated for an Emmy.

As of Nov 20, 2022, the average annual pay for a TV Writer in the United States is $62,455 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $30.03 an hour.

3. Advertisements

He is present on Instagram as @petecorreale, and over 27 thousand people follow him. He has a good number of audiences both online and offline, which results in him landing up with endorsements and sponsors for shows. 

Pete Correale's comedy show.
Pete Correale's comedy show. ( Source : petecorreale )

His latest post on Instagram is a post dedicated to his next stand-up comedy. Pete writes, "My love for the city of Boston runs long and deep. In the early ’80s, my family took a vacation to Boston; one morning, I snuck out of my hotel room at 5 AM while my whole family was still sleeping. I roamed the streets of Boston for 2 1/2 hours at ten years old." 

Further, the sponsors also help him in making his show a success by giving him the right amount.

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