Who Is Paula Dhier? William Timmons Affair With Mistress Exposed After Viral Video

Congressman William Timmons
Congressman William Timmons( Source : rollcall )

A reporter has exposed William Timmons in his article, where are talks about his alleged affair with mistress Paula Dhir. The development of the case is the recent talk of the town.

Twitter is going crazing trying to dissect the possibilities and probabilities. A user named Terry ward asked if the news about the affair was true or not, and he got a rather intelligent reply. "There are more important issues in the world than his personal life."

Similarly, another user, Cherie Anne, says that she's glad that she's not a part of the Timmons family, as their values do not match with her. 

Who Is Paula Dhier? William Timmons Affair With Mistress

Congressman William Timmon's affair with a woman named Paula Dhier is making rounds on the Internet. This has sparked intrigue in her personal life, making her an instant social media sensation.

Things have gotten worse for US congressman William Timmons ever since he responded to questions about an alleged extramarital affair last Sunday with a brief, 18-word remark.

Seven years ago, she and her husband, both interior designers, teamed up and amassed a sizable portfolio of residential and commercial properties.

She is a well-known and prosperous interior designer. The decorator has built a sizable enterprise and a long list of potential customers. She is an entrepreneur with the capacity to improve social communities through her own designs and advancements.

In addition, Paula also has a daughter named Sterling, who was conceived via surrogacy. Paula was receiving money from Timmons in order to conceal the relationship. Numerous media outlets claimed that Paula and her husband's encounter also disclosed the situation that caused the issue.

Dhier stays at properties in Charleston, Greenville, Costa Rica, and the Hamptons with her estranged husband, business developer Ron Rallis. As Rallis vents his anger on his estranged wife (as well as the GOP legislator) on social media, their marital disintegration has taken center stage in the Timmons drama.

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Is William Timmons Cheating On His Wife Sarah Anderson?

William Timmons has been said to be cheating on his wife, Sarah Anderson. This was an obvious take after the affair news with Paula. However, Sarah has addressed the buzz. They still seem to be together, and further details will be revealed as per the development. 

This news broke after a reporter published an article alleging him to have a mistress. However, that went quite ugly after the reciprocation by the politician. He lashed out at the reporter, asking for privacy. William said, Everything going on in his life was his own, and anyone taking an interest in his life was intolerable for him.

As per the married life between Sarah and William is concerned, Joshua Goodwin, Timmons' director of communications, stated that the couple wed on the Robert J. Dole Balcony of the US Senate on July 17, 2019. They lived together in Greenville and were eager to start their lives as husband and wife.

They seemed to be happily married to each until this messy affair came up. 

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