Obituary: Paul Dibello aka Paul Whiskey Cause Of Death Was Car Accident, Who Was His Girlfriend?

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Paul Whiskey's car accident claimed his life on June 4, 2022, he was just 34 years old when he lost his life to a fatal car crash. 

Paul Whiskey whose real name is Paul Dibello was an American social media influencer and promoter. He was a popular club promoter in Houston but an even more popular social media figure having thousands of followers across several social media platforms. 

Dibello was renowned for his signature catchphrase, "Whisky Sauce!" and made short comedy videos on TikTok and Instagram for his followers. As the news of the social media personality started spreading on social media platforms, people are paying tribute to the lost soul. 

Let us learn more about Paul Whiskey and take a closer look at his car accident and girlfriend.

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Video: Paul Dibello Aka Paul Whiskey Car Accident Obituary

Paul Dibello aka Paul Whiskey has died in a car accident recently.

Although the official statement and Obituary about his death are yet to be released by his family or friends, several websites on the internet have paid tribute and written obituary messages for the passed soul. 

Similarly, many people on social media are also mourning his death. One Facebook user wrote Damn…. Just seeing that Paul passed away…. very hard to believe. Life is way too damn short now n days. ???????? Very Good person. Fun person to be around. RIP PAUL WHISKEY. ?????. 


The news of his death was confirmed by Isiah Carey FOX 26 on Facebook, He wrote Sam Zavary, owner of Exclusive Furniture, confirms his employee Paul Whisky has died. Zavary says Paul, whose real last name is Dibello, died in a car crash overnight.

He added the 34-year-old was extremely popular on social media where he had thousands of followers and pitched products and services for Exclusive Furniture.  Zavary, who was heartbroken when I spoke to him Saturday afternoon, said Paul was loved by so many and will be missed.  There has been no official cause of the accident released as of yet. Prayers to the Dibello family!

Who Is Paul Dibello Aka Paul Whiskey Girlfriend?

Paul Dibello aka Paul Whiskey's girlfriend has not come to the public's attention yet.

He never revealed anything about his personal life on the internet or with his social media followers. 

Similarly, information about his relationship status or his married life has also remained away from the internet. His partner has also not made any public comments regarding his recent death, if he had a girlfriend or wife at the time of his death, she must be devastated. 

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