Who Is Oskar Sala Wife Kathe? Google Doodle Remembers The Pioneer Of Music From Germany

Google Doodle honors the German physicist and composer Oskar Sala on his birth anniversary.
Google Doodle honors the German physicist and composer Oskar Sala on his birth anniversary. ( Source : ytimg )

The Internet is remembering Oskar Sala, an electronic music pioneer who enjoyed traveling with his wife, Kathe, on his birth anniversary. 

Oskar was a scientist, composer, and musician who played the instrument Trautonium, which could produce all kinds of sounds. Dr. Friedrich Trautwein invented the instrument. Following his footsteps, Sala went on to further specialize in Trautonium.  

Oskar barely appeared at the concerts. He dedicated his whole life to the development of Mixtur-Trautonium and Quartett-Trautonium. He also received an international license to play these devices. 

Who Is Oskar Sala Wife Kathe?

Sala was married to his wife Kathe, his travel partner, before returning to the public sphere. 

Oskar and Kathe had been to Italy, Greece, Egypt, and US. The scientist loved the company of his wife and enjoyed vacationing together. 


Kathe died in 1999 due to natural causes. 

After 1988, Sala continued to compose new music and sounds for different music. He established his music studio in Berlin, composing musical tracks for films like Different from You and Me, Rosemary, Das Indische Grabmal, and The Birds. 

Though he never won an Oscar, he was honored as a member of the Senator of Berlin. He has also been recognized as HB's little man for his contributions to German commercials. 

Learn More About Oskar Sala Children & Family Details

Sala was born in a family with a musical background in Greiz, Thuringia. 

His father, Paul was an ophthalmologist and his mother, Annemarie, was a singer. He used to compose his soundtracks when he was a youth.  Kathe and Oskar were married for a long time, and they had children together. 

The pioneer used to perform classical piano concerts from an early age. He traveled to Berlin in 1929 to study composition with the vocalist Paul Hindemith.


The duo even performed at the Berliner Musikhochschule, where Sala played the Trautonium. 

What Was Oskar Sala Net Worth At Death? 

Known for his unique compositions, Sala had a net worth of more than $10 million at his death. 

Oskar was a notable alumnus of the University of Berlin. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1935. 

His decision to add electronic percussions to the Trautonium and perform the instrument rendered him several honors. 

Alfred Hitchcock was very impressed with the sounds made by the Trautonium. He approached Sala to compose the spooky non-musical sounds for the horror movie The Birds. 

Sala's appearance as a guest in music festivals and talk shows added a hefty amount to his paycheck. He donated all his estate of the mixture Trautonium to the Deutsches Museum in 2000. 

Google Doodle Tribute To Oskar Sala 

On the occasion of the 112th birthday of the physicist and composer Oskar Sala, Google doodle paid tribute to him.  

Sala was born on July 18, 1910, and died at 92 on February 26, 2002. He would have been 112 years old today. 

Google Doodle honored the German electronic composer in its latest doodle. 

"His efforts in electronic music opened the field of subharmonics. With his dedication and creative energy, he became a one-man orchestra." Google Doodle page states, "Happy birthday, Oskar Sala!"

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