Who Is Noah Esbensen From Copenhagen? Reddit Discussion As The Shooting Suspect Was Identified

Suspect of the mass shooting at a mall in Denmark
Suspect of the mass shooting at a mall in Denmark( Source : twitter )

A mass shooting occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark as a man suspected to be Noah Esbensen started open firing at one of the biggest shopping malls in Denmark.

Several people are suspected of having died at the mall shooting today, with the police detaining the suspect Noah Esbensen at the crime scene.

Reddit: Who Is Noah Esbensen From Copenhagen? Shooting Suspect Detail

Reddit has been in chaos since a video of the mass shooting was posted to the site with claims that the suspect is Noah Esbensen.

Noah Esbensen is a young Danish man who is believed to be mentally unstable. According to witness statements and shooting suspect details, the young man is wearing the same vest as the shooter.

The Danish police detained and arrested the young man who was found at the crime scene. With the suspect's arrest, police have announced that they cannot rule out the chances of this being a terrorist attack.

Denmark has not seen a terrorist attack in a long time. But since a royal event was scheduled soon, they are taking precautions of the mall shooting being a terrorist attack and postponing the event.

Another huge concert by Harry Styles was to be performed in the evening near the area, which the singer announced would be held with cooperation from the police with heightened security.

Noah Esbensen age

Noah Esbensen is believed to be a young man of 22 years of age. People on Twitter claim that the young suspect has been showing signs of being mentally ill.



A Twitter user showed a picture of Noah posting videos of himself with a gun pointed at his head, making the claims of him being mentally deranged plausible.

Also, the suspect used the same rifle on the video that he used to shoot at the shopping mall in Denmark.

No further information regarding the deaths has been provided yet, and the motive of Noah Esbensen behind the attack has not been disclosed.

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