Why Does The Internet Think Saif Ali Khan Is Dead? Death Hoax Makes It Way Around The Corner

Saif Ali Khan is a prominent actor, who has acted in multiple Bollywood films with both commercial and critical success. The Sacred Games actor was rumored to have died thus fans are speculating about his death. 

Saif Ali Khan has worked in front of the camera and behind the camera as an actor and producer respectively. He is also the son of the former captain of Indian cricketer Monsoor Ali Khan and actress Sharmila Tagore. 

Khan is also former royalty, the royalty lineage was till the line of his father, but was abolished after the British left the state, and India gained independence.

Conversely, the actor has found some success in his Netflix series Sacred Games which was immensely popular worldwide. 

Saif Ali Khan Is Not Dead

Saif Ali Khan seems to be alive and well, Saif's fake demise was widely popular on social media accounts such as FB and Twitter. Fans were mourning the 51-year-old's demise saying Rest In Peace(RIP) on their social media account. 

Hundreds to thousands of fans were conflicted and perplexed by the death of the actor, as they followed the crowd, and started writing and posting about the death of the actor. 

However, some people were quite unsure, as major Indian media seems to be involved in carrying the fake news about the actor and actress, thus they waited for the official news from the family. 

Death Hoax, What Happened to Saif?

Saif seems to be a victim of the Hoax and nothing more, He had often stated that lack of success in his movies was like a min death to him, as he was unable to consecutively face losses in Bollywood Cinema. 

Khan is finding success on OTT platforms such as Amazon and Netflix but has been lacking in his own Indian cinema, Khan has been quite experimental with his films which are far apart from the slapstick movies of Bollywood. 

Nonetheless, Saif is getting momentum and releasing new projects in the coming time as well. Thus, he does not seem to be unwell as the actor is fine as a horse, the official representation of Saif had stated in the media. 

Saif Ali Khan Accident

Saif has been involved in many controversies, and accidents on the film set, but he does not seem to have been in the fatal accident for his fake news death to be spread like a wildfire. 

Indian media seems to be generating fake news in order to increase their content and viewers to the news, Saif does not seem to be unhealthy as he is stable and looking forward to the next project. 

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