No, Actor Simphiwe Majozi Is Not Dead

Actor Simphiwe Majozi is not dead yet. However, after the death of Sbu's gogo on Uzalo, he claims to be receiving condolence letters.

Sbu is a character played by Simphiwe. And according to the plot, his gogo recently passed away. A user on Facebook wrote a condolences letter to him, which he appreciated because he thought he could touch people's hearts through the portrayal of his character. 

However, there are also rumors of him being dead circulating on the internet. Nevertheless, viewers can be relieved that he is all good- in reality, and in the Tv series. 

The actor plays the role of a convicted felon. He is in a relationship with Fikile. He has worked for Nkunzi and MaNgcobo, and Sibonelo in the past. He has grasped the audience's attention even though he is a supporting character. He is a recurring character in the series. 

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Character Sbu's Death Confused With Simphiwe Majozi Own

The death of Simphiwe Majozi's character in the series has been confused with his own. As a result, some fans have misunderstood that he has passed away. 

But, in reality, he is not dead in real or in the series. However, his gogo (grandmother) has passed away. Although some sources have claimed that the actor said that he had been receiving the condolences messages, there is no evidence of those words around the internet. 

Nevertheless, it is unpredictable what kind of turns of events unfold in a story. Thus, it may be hard to say goodbye to the characters in such stories, but the story may be incomplete without these events.