Where Are Nikki and Dana Adiva True Life Now?

Dana Adiva was featured in an episode of MTV's True Life series titled I'm Too Beautiful
Dana Adiva was featured in an episode of MTV's True Life series titled I'm Too Beautiful( Source : twitter )

Nikki and Dana Adiva from True Life are now thriving in their professional careers. While Dana is busy with her photo shoot, her sister Nikki will be launching a small business soon.

The Adiva sisters came to public notice following their appearance in an episode of MTV's True Life series titled I'm Too Beautiful. The episode aired on June 1, 2013.

The episode featured Dana alongside Brooke Torres, who claimed their good looks have made their life a living hell.

Dana said her beauty caused her to drop out of school after being bullied, sibling rivalry, and anxiety attacks. She said growing up, she was always told how beautiful she was.

After being constantly ogled by men and loathed by women for years, Adiva decided to appear in the MTV series and share her experience.

True Life is an American documentary series that aired from March 31, 1998, to June 21, 2017, on MTV. The show ran for 21 seasons with 369 episodes under its belt.

Each episode centers on a particular topic, such as drug addiction as in the debut episode - "Fatal Dose".

Where Are Nikki and Dana Adiva True Life Now?

Nikki and Dana Adiva are now focused on their professional life. Dana runs an account in Your Fans Live, while Nikki is a small business owner.

Last month, the sisters were spotted having a wonderful time in Whiskey Row, Prescott, AZ. Adiva even shared a joyous picture of herself with her sister on her Instagram, @adivaxo.

"I never want to go back home having a blast with my little sister out here @nicole_stevens46," she captioned the post.

Recently, Dana announced her new photo shoots will drop on her Your Fans Live account soon. It is an award-nominated subscription-based social platform, giving more freedom and 85-95% payouts.

From April 21 to 23, she attended the EXXXOTICA Expo, the largest adult convention in the United States, at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois.

Adiva was an aspiring wrestler when she appeared in MTV's True Life in 2013
Adiva was an aspiring wrestler when she appeared in MTV's True Life in 2013( Source : twitter )

People got to meet her and over 200 stars live and in person at the event.

Moreover, Adiva is also a professional wrestler. While appearing the MTV's True Life, she said her good looks were a plus in the boxing ring.

Her ring name is Miss Adiva (also nicknamed The Barbie Doll). She made her debut on December 6, 2012, against La Rosa Negra in PWS Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling Event #2She next.

She next faced Becky Bayless on February 9, 2013. Adiva was defeated in both matches. It appears her in-ring career ended in August 2013.

However, she is occasionally seen participating in various wrestling events.

Adiva's little sister Nikki aka Nicole is looking forward to launching a small business called Colie & Co. Clothing Boutique, which offers curated clothing collections.

Who Are Dana Adiva And Sister Nikki Adiva?

Dana Adiva and sister Nikki Adiva are two siblings from Chicago who appeared in MTV's True Life in 2013. They were featured in an episode titled "I'm Too Beautiful."

In the episode, the blonde wrestler explains how her beauty and stunning looks are often serious hindrances to happiness. "People will stare at me no matter what," she tells in the show.

"It's the most irritating thing in the world," Adiva said. She added that she is treated like a princess and doesn't really need to be that smart because she is pretty.

She was forced to drop out of school after being bullied by jealous peers and turned pro wrestler.

The wrestler shared how the other girls were jealous of her and how she would receive hate mail saying things like "You should just go kill yourself."

Adiva wearing a cow boy hat; she shared this photo on July 8, 2023, on her Twitter account
Adiva wearing a cow boy hat; she shared this photo on July 8, 2023, on her Twitter account( Source : twitter )

In a bid to make people see her normally, she experimented with dying her hair brown, wearing glasses, and trying to gain weight. However, the attempts failed to hide Dana Adiva's beauty.

Her bigger issue is that her younger sister, Nikki, gets jealous of her since she feels overshadowed by her all the time. She even tells her big sister the world doesn't always revolve around her.

To which Adiva replied, "The world does revolve around me. You're just living in it." Nikki argued her Barbie-like looks instantly gave people the wrong impression.

Adiva mentioned that the endless attention she receives from lusty men is preventing her from finding a boyfriend.

When she goes on dates, men tend to treat her as a plaything rather than taking her seriously. At one point during the show, she meets up with a man named Dom.

"He couldn't keep his hand off me, I couldn't wait for this night to be over," the beauty said after the rendezvous.

What Happened To True Life Im Too Beautiful Cast?

True Life Im Too Beautiful cast includes Dana Adiva and Brooke Torres. Both women claimed their beauty caused them endless problems.

Fall River native Torres' boyfriend was angry all the time as everyone was hitting on his girlfriend. Torres struggled with all the attention and her charm was causing a major rift in their relationship.

Problems arise when she starts a new job at a nightclub and her boyfriend is uncomfortable with her being around random men all night.

She discussed how she would break up with her boyfriend, Nolan, if he continued to be controlling.

In the end, she decides she wants to be more independent and joins a community college to pursue her dreams.

Meanwhile, Dana takes a positive step by seeing a therapist in an attempt to mend her relationship with her sister.

"Yep hes the one... #theone," wrote True Life star Brooke while sharing this loving picture on her Twitter account in May 2014( Source : twitter )

After the show, Torres expressed how the show didn't hit the mark. She said she joined the series to share her views of being a strong independent woman and not counting on one's look to go ahead.

But she was pictured as almost the opposite, with most of the episode focusing on the issues between her and Nolan caused by other men hitting on her.

"I didn't think the whole show would be about my boyfriend being jealous," the then Briston Community College student said.

Online commenters mostly targeted Adiva, even comparing her to the British writer Samantha Brick, who sparked criticism when she published an article titled "There are Downsides to Looking This Pretty."

Daily Mail, the paper where Samantha's article was published, even drew comparisons between her and Adiva.

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