Who Is Ng Tze Yong Girlfriend Talia Ng? Dating Life and Relationship Timeline

Ng Tze Yong and his girlfriend have been quite the buzz on the internet. Ng Tze Yong is a talented Malaysian badminton player with many wins and international awards. 

Ng Tze is among the players who placed second and was awarded a silver medal in the 2017 BWF World Junior Championship, mixed team, and in the 2020 Badminton Asia Team Championship men's team. 

Subsequently, Ng Tze has played many international tournaments, in which he won four grade 3 international challenge titles through the polish open, South and Belgian International, and Scottish Open. 

Who Is Ng Tze Yong Girlfriend Talia Ng?

Talia Ng is also an up-and-coming badminton player, who tends to compete in international competitions. Talia Ng is from Canada, she played her last match in Group D in 2022. 

Additionally, Talia is also smashing records and climbing ranks, she is currently in 233th BWF World Ranking Women's Singles. She faced 2 victories and 3 defeats in her international singles in 2022. 

Likewise, Talia Ng and Ng Tze seem to share a strong connection as both seem to be happy for each other's accomplishments and support their goals and aspirations of one. 

Ng Tze Yong Dating Life And Relationship Timeline

Ng Tze does not seem to have been in a relationship, except with Talia, both of them seem to have known each other through their international competitions. 

On October 25, 2021, Ng Tze posted a picture of him and Talia, with the added caption "The best things in life are better with you".The badminton player seems to have declared his relationship with the world. 

Similarly, Talia posted a different photo, with the added caption of "My mushroom" stating their relationship journey. Since then the couple has been together and visiting each other which can be observed through their respective instagram accounts. 

Ng Tze Yong Career: Where Is He Now?

Ng Tze Yong has an amazing career, he debuted in his international career in Jakarta, Indonesia winning a Bronze medal. Similarly, he has won Souther Australia International, Polish Open, Belgian International, and Scottish Open. 

Moreover, Ng Tze only became second and runner up in his Czech Open against fellow badminton player Jan Louda, currently Ng Tze seems to be training rigorously for his 2022 single competitions. 

In addition, Ng Tze seems to have won a domestic competition in 2022, with a week to train and from his short recovery from covid. Hence, he is a diligent player with the hunger to stand at the top of his game. 

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