What Does Netflix's Title Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Mean? Find The Real Story Behind The FLDS Docuseries

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Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey, the latest Netflix docuseries, will premiere in June, and it's exactly as frightening as you'd expect a church cult documentary. Let's look at what the title of the series means.

Keep Sweet delves into Warren Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), an extreme sect of Mormonism.

The four-part documentary presents many shocking charges, ranging from underage marriage to severe polygamy. However, there are still some unanswered issues regarding what Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey is all about.

What Does Netflix's Title Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Mean?

Rulon Jeffs, Warren's father, was the head of the FLDS church before Warren took over. Rulon Jeffs is said to have coined the phrase "stay sweet" in the 1990s for use within their church.

Warren Jeffs popularized its use to induce compliance, control, and obedience.

This appears to be intended for ladies in the FLDS church to help them control their emotions. Warren Jeffs urged women in the church to act a certain way, subordinate to him and willing to submit to the prophet's desire.

The phrase "pray and obey" is another motto by FLDS members. It is written on the sides of FLDS structures and residences.

FLDS Docuseries Real Story Explained 

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, infamously known as the FLDS, is a religious community defined by most as a cult that practices polygamy, as shown in the docuseries.

Rulon Jeffs governed the community at the beginning of the docuseries, and subsequently, in 2002, it was taken over by his son, Warren Jeffs, from one of his wives. The village members referred to these leaders as "Prophets of God."

The FLDS is a polygamous cult that believes men must have at least three wives to enter paradise. According to the docuseries, the cult regards women as nothing more than commodities and child-bearing machines. The audience learns early on in the docuseries that Rulon Jeffs married a 19-year-old girl called Rebecca Wall when he was 85.


Warren Jeffs, the cult's most sinister leader, was married to around 78 women, according to the docuseries. Twenty-four of the women were under the age of eighteen. After his father died in 2002, Warren married all of his father's wives, according to the docuseries.

Warren Jeffs tore many families apart in the FLDS society, as depicted in the docuseries, by sending the father away and forcing the mother to remarry another member of his choosing. He also expelled many young boys from the neighborhood, separating them from their families.

In the name of God's Will, Warren Jeffs allegedly planned and facilitated the weddings of local women. Warren Jeffs allegedly sexually molested and attacked women, including juveniles, according to the final episode of the docuseries.

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