Kevon Looney's Girlfriend and Wife To Be Mariah Simone Cheer Him On Through His Games, Here Is What We Know About Her

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Mariah Simone is Kevon Looney's girlfriend, a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association for the Golden State Warriors.

In 2015, Kevon was named the Pac-12 second team all-freshman team while playing collegiate basketball for the UCLA Bruins.

Following the season, he decided to skip his collegiate eligibility. He entered the 2015 NBA draft, where he was chosen 30th overall by Golden State in the first round. In 2017 and 2018, he led the Warriors to consecutive NBA championships.

Kevon Looney Girlfriend And Wife To Be

Mariah Simone, Kevon Looney's girlfriend, is a model and athlete.

In 2017, Looney graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a bachelor's degree in business administration and personal/financial services marketing operations.

In 2016, Ms. Winston worked as a store clerk at JC Penney. She is currently an Instagram supermodel and a workout gear brand owner.

She was a member of the American Marketing Association and a basketball player at Holy Names University before that.


How Long Have Mariah Simone And Kevon Looney Been Dating?

As of now, Mariah Simone and Kevon Looney have dated for five years. They remained tight-lipped about their personal lives.

However, based on his Instagram post, Mariah and Kevon appear to have been dating since 2017.

As of now, there is no any news or rumors in the media about their relationship's disagreement or breakup.

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Mariah Simone Age: How Old Is She?

Mariah Simone is 27 years old as of 2021and was born in 1994.

However, the actual date of birth has yet to be revealed on the internet.

Her lover, who is only 26 years old today, is one year junior to her. On February 6, 1996, Looney was born.

Mariah Simone Net Worth

Mariah Simone avoids revealing her net worth publicly on the internet.

She earns money through her athletic profession and as an Instagram model so that she may make a lot of money.

In addition, Kevon is a member of the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.

According to, his net worth is believed to be $3 million. He was a rookie basketball player for the UCLA Bruins.

He was named to the Pac-12's second-team all-conference team in 2014 and 2015.

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