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Globally well known as the lead singer of the famous band, Fun, Nate Ruess was born on 26th February 1982 in Lowa City, USA. He was named, Nathaniel Joseph Rusess by birth. He was the youngest sibling of his hereditary. He and his elder sister, Elizabeth was raised up by their parents, Larry Rusess and Bess Zinger. He is a graduate of Deer Valley High School. He has remained the member of punk band during his school life. Along with the passion in music from early age, he emerged out as the singer. He is also known as the lead vocalist of the band, The Format. Holder of the American nationality Nate has god gifted voice. The very charming and handsome, Nate is one the renowned American singer, musician and song writer with the numerous of fan following.


Nate inclined towards singing from earlier part of his life, so he used to perform his shows on the Nile Theater, Arizona as the vocalist of Never gonna score. And later at the age of nineteen he createdhis band called, The Format along with his best buddy, Sam Means. Next in 2003 the band launched their first album, Intervention + Lullabies which was well received by everyone. The band, The format gave some of their great music and songs to the audience but with their emerging difference they split up on February 4, 2008. Instantly following the split of The Format, Rusess commenced the new band, Fun along with the member of Steel Train, Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost. Along with the determination the band Fun, exposed out their first album, “Aim and ignite” to the audience. The album received positive response reaching 71 positions on Billboard 200. But with their great effort and talent they release their second album, Some Night which landed at number 1on Billboard 200. He released his second album single song titled We Are Young featured by vocalist, Janelle Monae.The song was grand hit as the top on the Billboard Hot 100 of 8th March 2012. The song was moderate success with the selling of thousands copies. The album Some Night released their second song with the title track, Some Night which also shows positive reviews worldwide catching many of attention. The song also hit the 3rd position in the Billboard Hot 100 with the numerous of copies selling. His rocking style and singing skill is loved by everyone. In the year 2012 he sang with his magnificent voice at the Scottish music festival in UK and also at Chicago, Lollapalooza.


He and his band member achieved their great achievement in the year 2013, when they were honored by the renowned Grammy Award for their song, We Are Young. Beside from this he has collaborated with several famous singers. His duet song, “Just give me a reason” with another successful female singer, Pink also hit number 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Along with the two legendary singers the song is one the hit number of time.  Let’s hope his band will come up with their third album recently with the numerous of hit number. He is good with his music skill for audience.


With all his twelve years in the music career he has good amount of earning which clearly says he receives handsome salary to maintain his luxurious lifestyle and his stardom. However, we don’t have much to talk about his net worth as it remains concealed in internet.


Nate is the well known face for the musical industry who received his stardom in very limited time. He is a hard working and dedicated person. With his dazing personality, Nate has dated some girls in his past.Apparently, he was seen with the fashion designer, Rachel Antomoff having good time. They made good couple but fatefully they broke up. However at his thirty he is still not married. Clearing now he is single and happy without girlfriend or wife enjoying his independent and busy life. In other words, he is booming performer who has not made his soul mate yet.


The handsome Nate with the average height of five feet seven inch looks good in the 80’s, 90’s wears. Despite of his average height for male, he has the attracting capacity to get noticed. He has got decent style of wear.


Generally, his appearance suites ties, low-waist pants and fitted shirt with bright color. Although of his fame, popularity, name he prefers simple life with healthy balance diet and work out. He still looks young and smart in his thirties. He has the cute attracting face. He is successful singer well known for his mind blowing stage performance and rocking personality.


Being one of the humorous person and successful artist, he got a good wiki profile available on internet. His fans and admires can follow his biography on his personal and official sites. Or following him as Twitter or Face book is also helpful.