Natasha Alford: 5 Facts You Should Know About The CNN Commentator

Natasha Alford, a journalist, talks about Black women who faced a uniquely heavy burden with student loans
Natasha Alford, a journalist, talks about Black women who faced a uniquely heavy burden with student loans( Source : instagram )

Natasha Alford is a journalist and a CNN Commentator.

She currently works as a deputy editor of theGrio where she started wroking nearly seven years ago. Also, the host served as deputy editor and digital host for four years. She overviews and develops's video ambitions. 

Alford delivers daily advice for's editorial guide and flows which includes writing, video presentation, and strategic planning. Primarily, she identifies interesting and appropriate stories in TheGrio's core audience. In December 2019, she became the vice president of digital content and senior correspondent.

Additionally, the editor leads innovative vision and presentation for all original video content on TheGrio. She covers news assignments and hosts documentaries about social problems, politics, race, and civilization. Her previous works include an adjunct faculty member at Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. 

Previously, Alford used to conduct live shots and cut-ins under deadline pressure. She wrote news scripts and narrated stories, stories for the web and other media outlets. The reporter used to even pitch the earliest story ideas and segments daily. 

Natasha Alford From CNN Biography On Wikipedia

Alford is a Vice President of Digital Content at theGrio in New York, United States. She is currently 35 years old. On June 14, 2021, the commentator celebrated her 34th birthday. On the big day, she wanted to be surrounded by many people.

Alford added, 'A year ago, this would've seemed simple, but today I understand what an immense blessing it is. Thank you to everyone who made this birthday special and reunions to come.'

On social platforms, she shared a picture with Albert Woodfox, who changed her life. She met Woodfox in 2019. She was assigned to tell his story named a Black Panther. He was held in solitary confinement for 43 years on U.S. soil for a crime he didn't commit.

Natasha Alford worked with late activists Albert Woodfox in 2019
Natasha Alford worked with late activists Albert Woodfox in 2019( Source : instagram )

Forty-three years is the longest known solitary confinement sentence in U.S. records. For decades, racist jail officials beat, abused, and tried to break Woodfox, but he never folded. The activist fought to be free from solitary for years alongside his comrades Robert King and Herman Wallace in the Angola 3. 

For Alford, the activist Albert (also known as Shaka) became much more than a story assignment. The activist inspired her to stand up for herself. He taught her to keep her head when forces tried to break her spirit. 

After the devasting death of Albert due to Covid, Alford promised she would fight to keep his legacy alive by exposing the cruelty of solitary confinement and advocating for the release of the documentary they shot together. 

Margaret Talev is a political commentator who served at Washington Press Club Foundation. She is a senior White House correspondent for Bloomberg News.

Natasha Alford's Partner Is On Instagram under @bawwsquiat

Vlad has an Instagram with the handle @bawwsquiat and is Alford's partner. She shared numerous pictures of him with her kid. On December 28, 2021, she wished her loved one a happy birthday. 

Natasha Alford dedicated, loving, thoughtful partner @bawwsquiat and her child
Natasha Alford dedicated, loving, thoughtful partner @bawwsquiat and her child( Source : instagram )

Alford pinned, 'Happy birthday to my love and favorite Capricorn @bawwsquiat, Partner, father, Black man in tech, 24-7 comedian, cycle King, and protector.' According to the analyst, her partner always kept low-key, but he got the spotlight on his special day.

Vlad is Alford's protector and best friend. Her lover is the one who stays up late at night to wipe tears and feed her, makes her laugh, guides her, and works hard to break barriers. She has talked about how blessed she feels to have Vlad in her life. The couple also have a child together. 

What Is Natasha Alford's Net Worth in 2022?

Alford's net worth has been estimated to be $300,000. In August 2008, the analyst started her journey as a management associate at Bridgewater Associates. She presents as a learner to Bridgewater Senior Managers. 

Alford had intense, analytical training experience. She learned and was involved critiqued BW management philosophy in Westport, CT. Later, the reporter worked as a leadership fellow in The Equity Project Charter School. She helped TEP's supervision team and carried out day-to-day operations. She was part of special projects critical to the school's success.

YearEstimated Net Worth

In June 2010, Alford joined Teach For America as D.C. Region Corps Member. She emerged at LearnZillion as Dream Team Lesson Designer in the Washington D.C. Metro area. She assists in creating the poetry curriculum coverage and series across three-grade levels to help online student learning for four months. 

In August 2012, Alford joined StudentsFirst as Special Assistant to the President for nearly one year in Sacramento, California area. She served as a reporter for 11 months on WROC-TV. She worked as a general assignment reporter who gathered, researched, and presented truths about events for newscasts daily. 

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