Who Is Natalie Tene From Boston? 

Natali Tene, 32, who has already gone on record as an accused sexual assault victim, quickly began stating how what started with her taking a covert photo of Batali on April 1, 2017, culminated in a crime.

Tene told the judge that the altercation started when Batali saw her snapping his picture and offered to join him.

After shooting ten selfies with Batali, she claimed that the chef began stroking her away from the camera's view. She further stated that Batali's eyes were closed in the bulk of the images and that "this guy was wasted" at the time.

Tene told the court that Batali kept encouraging her to "take another one" while his hands were in sensitive areas, stroking me, massaging my body, so it was like a selfie, but other things were happening the same time. 

Tene went on to say that Batali was "grabbing me in a way, I have never been touched like that before," implying that he was "squeezing" her vagina. "There was caressing of my breast, touching my rear end, touching my face, his tongue in my ear," she said, adding that she was "very astonished, surprised, alarmed" when the alleged attack occurred. "There was just a lot going on."

Despite at least four women coming forward to accuse the former TV chef of sexual misconduct, Batali has maintained his innocence.

Defense attorney Anthony Fuller probed Tene during cross-examination about whether she continued to take photos with Batali despite the alleged assault.

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Mario Batali Accuser Takes The Stand -Assault Case Details 

Mario Batali, the disgraced celebrity chef, stunned a Boston courtroom on Monday when he asked a judge to renounce his right to a jury in a criminal prosecution over a sexual assault claim.

His accuser took the stand minutes later, describing a selfie near his now-closed Boston restaurant that devolved into a nightmare of groping and nonconsensual kissing.

Before jury selection began on Monday, Batali, a former Food Network star, reaffirmed his choice to have Boston Municipal Court Judge James Stanton decide his fate. The 61-year-old has pleaded not guilty to a charge of indecent assault and violence stemming from an incident in 2017.

On Monday, Batali assured Stanton, "Absolutely," indicating that he knew what he was doing.

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