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The vivacious and sensuous personality that took the centre stage of the American world history through her charm and charisma, Natalie Gulbis is a well-known sports woman who took the world with her instance captivation. She with her vibrant anthropology and enigmatic designation ruled the world of sports and the on-screen persona that came with it. Her charm and the visible sensuality through her perfection of deeds and dedication towards her work kept her stamina and fitness worth the terms that provided her with the fame and professionalism required in her business. Her insight fiction of depicting the overview of the scenario and her surplus talent made her one of the best-known professional sports woman of the decade as she is remembered throughout. It is a mere coincidence that a woman with a great physique and personality coming from a background of severe enthusiasts making a mark in the world of sports.


Born in January 7, 1983 in Sacramento, California f the United States of America, she bears an American nationality and she comes from a white ethnicity of white descent family background. She was a great admirer of sports from her early days and gave great preference to the field than anything else. Her deviant interest in golfing took her to a place to find an opportunity to divinely approach the game from her nearly age. At only an age of four, she was dedicated to try her luck with the spirit of the game. In addition, three years back the energy paid off as she won her first tournament5 when she was just seven years old. Just a few years back when she was ten years old, she made it to the news in the world of sports. Her measurements, height, feet and great body construction is vibrantly outrageous to define.


As dedicated and most appreciated phenomena of sports, she was likely to get her career on going by dedicating much of her effort on strong hold of her sports career. At a tender age of fourteen, she played as an amateur in LPGA tour in 1997. She also indulged herself in boys’ golf team and was awarded the top player for her performance. She attended the G.B High School as a sports person. Her graduation was completed when she got to her sweet sixteen. The University of Arizona offering her a full scholarship in 2000 in the field of golfing approached her.  But her unfortunate drop pout from the college made a debut to her career as a golf woman when she seriously planned her way to play golf professionally at the age of 18 in 2001, where she was provided with a tour card. Lots of turmoil offerings to her start of her career. She had her terms with failure and accomplishments as well. The heats going in, she was drastic yet she proved to get on the top of the list and find her way to be a nominated sports person of her era. It was during 2005 to 2006 when she finally recorded herself to be stabilized in the top rankings, nominating herself in the top ten. It was in 2007 when she got accolade by her first win and the amount of prize money descending to 450,000 dollars. She consequently delivered her perfection and recorded her three wins for the years to come by. Being at the top of the list made her a hot topic of the year and many of the paparazzi outcomes endorsed her. She got an endorsement from a calendar the same year in 2005. She had lots of things going strong possibly to mark her as a stunning sensation of the glamorous generation. She posed in swimwears, bikinis and her hot physique was unpredictable to be featured in most of the vibrant magazines to forth come the outrageous depiction of splendid persona she was devoured with. Her passion towards the fashion industry kept its toll to grow her beyond her imagination. She loved tom expose and the media loved the way she showed herself. She also had a column in her hand with the magazine FHM during 2006 and was fortunate to be debuting her own television series called The Natalie Gulbis show. Her sensuous and attractive character was well shown by the media making her a sex symbol of the era.


Apart from Natalie Gulbis professional fame, she likes to keep the details of her personal life out of the media. Her relationships and lists of boyfriends are not well known to the public. She is septic about her marital status and it is not known whether she is married or still dating. Her status of salary and her net worth, which is well endorsed and her husband or relationship status is out of knowledge to the media and she is not married or divorced.