Natalie Allen is a former anchor and motivational presenter of the CNN International.   She joined CNN in 1992 as anchor, host and reporter and contributing until 2001 before her departure from CNN. She was born on August 11, 1962.  She belongs to white ethnic group and American Citizen.  She is now 51 years of aged. She still looks smoking hot and dynamic lady like “iron lady.”  She is five feet and eight inches tall height with horny legs and nice feet.

While she was a graduate student, she began her television journalism career as an Intern and general reporter of the first newsroom at WREG-TV in Memphis, Tennessee.  She promoted as co-anchor for the 10 pm News of the WREG after three-year painstaking and her professional caliber. In addition, she had an ample opportunity for the coverage of Kennedy Space Center at WFTV in Orlando, and, also served as a co-anchored for the highest-rated “Daybreak” Morning News Show. 

She had devoted her almost 10-year enjoyable professional television journalism career in CNN from 1992 to 2001 respectively.  She had an opportunity to serve to the MSNBC as a reporter and news anchor. She was also shown live on “The Nightly News”, “The Today Show” and CNBC as a correspondent and presenter of the NBC.

She had an unique opportunity to face poignant challenges moments due to the Oklahoma City Bombing, the 2000 Presidential Election and US 9/11 tragedy as a CNN anchor and reporter during her professional journalism career in a decade.  She had also an opportunity for the coverage of 2004 Presidential Inauguration to the MSNBC and broadcasted live funeral of the former President Ronald Reagan in Washington,, D.C. as a landmark historical milestone achievement in her professional journalism career and life-achievement.

From 2007 to 2009, she served as the first full-time climate and environment correspondent and news reporter for the “The Weather Channel” for almost two years.  Without any background and experience on weather and meteorology sciences, she was the first individual that Weather Channel appointed her as an anchor and reporter.  Being a primary anchor of the weekly news program entitled “Forecast Earth”,she had an opportunity to travel across the country to undertake numerous interviews among pioneering environmental leaders for the green movement campaigns.  In addition, she joined to sail with Sir Robert Swan, a famous Arctic Explorer and to dive with Dr. Sylvia Earle, a renowned Oceanographer and other professional experts.

Also, Allen had contributed to prepare profiles to the CEO for the country’s Greenest, Green venture capitalists and the NFL Greenest tea, etc. that have been presented to the Local Green Innovators in the “Forecast Earths” segment;“Grassroots Green” and “Eco-Extreme”; and shared the passion and commitment of the public or people to create awareness for environmental protection and conservation. In order to continue such initiatives, she had carried out several interviews with Weather Channel Climatologists, environmental and atmospheric scientist, and meteorologist forecaster and reporter about the environmental innovative research and weather prediction of climate science. Besides that, she had contributed numerous reports, scientific data and regular weekly blog for the WeatherChannel.Com, and broadcasted it in The Weather Channel on “Forecast Earth Eco-Updates” segment in daily nights.  Hence, she creates a history as a first woman and journalist becomes a successful weather and meteorology reporter in her professional life without any background of weather and climate sciences. 

She had an opportunity to contribute as key-note speaker for the Awards Program on “Women Making a Mark” of the Atlanta Magazine for three-year uninterruptedly. She had been delivered lectures for many organizations as guest-speaker.  The Atlanta Magazine published about her as a featured entitled “The Green Queen” in 2008. Similarly, the magazines such as, The Commercial Appeal’s Mid-South, Chicago Tribune and Jezebel Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Atlantans” have been published features articles and news on her charismatic personality and truly professionalism journalist iconic celebrity image.

The National Public Radio was interviewed to Allen about her generous contribution and genuine role at The Weather Channel in Environmental Reporting on “Forecast Earth” Show.  She had an opportunity to played in two films such as, “Castaway” and “Contact”, and was casted her in an episode on “Mad About You” of the Sitcom.

She honored by prestigious two awards, i.e., Emmy Award and Edward R. Murrow Award on her a decade of extraordinary contribution for news reporting on “Forecast Earth Eco-Updates” program.  In addition to that, The Florida Today Newspaper voted her as “Favorite Morning Personality” in honor of her life-time professional achievement on television journalism career.

Allen’s Wikipedia is supposed to be removed from the  website. The key information about her, for example: education, parent, married, husband, fired, boyfriend and pregnant are not available, except her short bio (about her past professional career) in the Internet.

It will be the great achievement of Natalie Allen to become the host for 2014's Woman Leadership program which is supposed to commence on August 6 and 7 on Las Vegas. This function will not only uplift the woman voice around the world but also she will be more famous and popularize in general public uttering the slogan Woman inspiring Woman.