Who Is Mychelle Williams? Miles Bridges Wife Shares Photos Post Domestic Violence Case

Mychelle  uploaded pictures of the wounds she sustained during her husband Miles Bridges' violent attack. ( Source : Twitter )

After her husband, NBA player Miles Bridges, was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic abuse, Mychelle Johnson finally spoke up. In truth, the pair had been married for a long time.

Aged 24 years American professional basketball player Miles Bridges, whose actual name is Miles Emmanuel Bridges Sr. (born March 21, 1998), most recently played for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In addition, the news of Miles Bridges' arrest on suspicion of felony domestic abuse is currently trending online.

The player for the Charlotte Hornets, who is married to Johnson and has two children, surrendered to LAPD officers on Wednesday and was charged with felony domestic assault.

Who Is Mychelle Williams? Miles Bridges Wife Photo

Mychelle Williams was born to Scott and Holli Johnson in Huntington, West Virginia, on September 3, 1997. Additionally, she played basketball.

She could have developed an interest in the sport because her father, Scott, is the head coach of the West Virginia Thunder AAU team. Around 2016, Miles Bridges and Mychelle Williams began dating.

Mychelle Johnson, the wife of Miles Bridges, is presently the subject of a popular Instagram post.
Mychelle Johnson, the wife of Miles Bridges, is presently the subject of a popular Instagram post. ( Source : Twitter )

Following that, the pair started their happy marriage. Late on Thursday night in the United States, Mychelle posted a series of pictures on Instagram telling her experience. Therefore, the photo began off completely blacked out.

In one of the images that was posted online, the diagnosis is listed as "Adult victim of physical abuse by male partner; Assault by strangulation; Brain concussion; Closed fracture of nasal bone; Contusion of rib; Multiple bruises; Strain of neck muscle."

The Charlotte Hornets said in a statement that they were informed of Bridges' arrest and will keep an eye on the issue as it developed.

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Do Mychelle Williams And Miles Bridges Have Kids?

Yes, Mychelle Williams and Miles Bridges are parents to two children. Ayla was born on February 23, 2020, and Ace on October 26, 2018.

The couple is now concentrating on raising their two children, Ace Miles and Ayla Marie. Mychelle is no longer involved in collegiate sports.

Although she dabbled in modeling, her current priorities are her family. In 2018, she was featured in an advertisement for Good American sportswear.

Mychelle said she suffered from a significant concussion, a broken nose, a fractured wrist, and other injuries after being attacked by her husband Miles, and she recently released several graphic photographs of the injuries.

Mychelle's body appears to have bruises and marks on it in several places, including her face, legs, arms, neck, wrists, hands, and back.

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What Happened To Mychelle Williams?

Miles Bridges was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence on Wednesday after an apparent confrontation between his wife Mychelle Williams and Bridges turned violent and physical.

Now that Mychelle is discussing the supposed encounter, her account of what happened is unsettling. At the time, the woman's name was kept private.

She alleges that Bridges choked her to the point of unconsciousness, inflicting neck muscle damage in the process.

Additionally, Mychelle seemed to expose the emergency hospital records in which her diagnosis was "Adult victim of physical abuse by a male partner."

According to the evidence, Mychelle had "attack by strangulation, head concussion, closed nasal bone fracture, contusion of rib, various bruises, and neck muscle strain."

She published a video in which their son purportedly describes the claimed attack on his mother along with the images of the supposed injuries.

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