Catfish Cooley and Wife Munica West Colley Have Been Together For More Than Five Years

Catfish Colley and Munica Colley while on vacation on their yacht
Catfish Colley and Munica Colley while on vacation on their yacht( Source : instagram )

Catfish Cooley wife name is Munica Cooley. Munica is an Instagram model and influencer for CFC Entertainment LLC.

The Redneck personality Cooley excels at using the internet, moving audiences with his humorous comments and jokes, and notably winning them over with his YouTube videos.

With naturally brown hair and a beard, Cooley has an appealing demeanor that is slightly styled by his blue eyes. He makes entertaining videos, but he also prioritizes his unique interests.

Over time, he became well-known thanks to social media and live appearances. David Allen Cooley is his actual name, but he is more prominent by his stage moniker.

He decided to pursue a career as a standup comedian when his viral video was featured on one of the episodes of the comedy program Tosh.

Munica West Cooley Is A Social Media Influencer

Catfish Cooley and wife Munica West Cooley got married on April 25, 2014. The pair recently celebrated their ninth anniversary.

Munica is an Instagram model and content creator with a focus on adult content. She has been in the industry since 2020.

They are parents to two incredible children named Tyler and Zooley. The family of four lives in Louisiana, USA.

Catfish Cooley with his wife Munica Cooley
Catfish Cooley with his wife Munica Cooley ( Source : instagram )

The model celebrates her birthday on February 20 every year. Her husband takes time to celebrate her and her day in quite an extravagant style.

She was born in the United States, and she was born on February 20, 1989. She is currently 33 years old.

Catfish and Munica both protect the privacy of their children so they keep their children away from social media for the most part. 

The couple, however, thrives on social media with Catfish making his way into shows and events and Munica being a content creator.

Fans have applauded David Cooley for his support towards his partner and her profession. David frequently shares glamorous pictures of his partner to praise and support her.

Munica makes quite a decent living out of her profession with an anticipated yearly income of $38,052. She does her part in supporting the family and their children.

Catfish Cololey and Munica Colley Relationship Timeline

David Cooley and Munica Cooley have been together for almost a decade. They have been through a loving relationship that has stood the test of time.

The couple met through common friends in Louisiana and accompany each other in events and shows.

The pair got married on April 25, 2014, in front of their close friends and family members. It was an intimate affair.

As a part of keeping the spark alive, they complement each other's works on social media. David recently took to social media to reveal that he was having a great Tuesday with his wife by his side.

Munica, in turn, is seen attending his comedy shows and events to support him. Her most recent endeavor was Blue Note Harrison in Michigan on March 18. 

Besides, the model has appeared in several of his music videos, including the most recent and heartwarming video for his song Blessings. In the movie, the comedian provides a deep and inside look into his personal life.

Several clips from their family time celebrating birthdays and holidays can be seen in the videos.

Munica and David attended the RedNeck Brawl in March 2023
Munica and David attended the RedNeck Brawl in March 2023( Source : facebook )

The power couple has a tradition of attending the RedNeck Brawl every year. Redneck Brawl is a fighting event with more than 6000 fans attending each year.

Where Does David Cooley Live?

David Cooley lives in Louisiana with his children and partner, Munica.

David was born to parents Charles Cooley and Morami Cooley. His parents are now separated and lead a life with different partners.

David Cooley aka Catfish Cooley has made a comedy space unique to himself
David Cooley aka Catfish Cooley has made a comedy space unique to himself( Source : instagram )

His father, Charles, oversaw the company's building department. Later, his father wed Lawanda. This attractive, genuine personality is from Louisiana in the United States.

Being from the South and a working-class family, he is considered a "redneck." He is a distinctive comic because of his tragic and scenic comedies.

Cooley attended Pitkin's high school. His main interests as a kid include watching movies, and television, fishing, listening to music, and skateboarding plays.

The comedian has created a space unique to himself by virtue of his style and fans. He has used his environment as an advantage to creating content that caters to a unique group of people in his hometown.

Besides comedy, he can be frequently seen creating content on Instagram and Youtube. On Youtube, he has published several music videos as well.

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