Mourad Lamrabatte Wikipedia, Footballer Jumped To His Own Death While His Wife Filmed The Incident

Mourad Lamrabatte 31, was a former player of SBV Vitesse known as Vitesse. The Internet is curious about the player's Wikipedia, who seems to have recently died due to an unfortunate sports accident. 

Mourad is the retired player of Vitesse, which is one of the oldest professional clubs in the Netherland. Mourad himself was a citizen of the country. The dutch's sudden demise has brought sadness to his fans and family.

His wife and his family witnessed Mourad's passing as the player jumped from the cliff, and instead of landing directly in the sea, he hit on the sharp rocks cliff and fell into the sea.

Mourad Lamrabatte Wikipedia Details

Lamrabatte was a proud player of Vitesse, he played in the club during the 2010-2011 season, and he was a member of the U23 squad under the coaching of Gerry Hamstra. 

Lamrabatte played as an attacking forward in July 2010, Mourad socred in an exhibition game of the first team with VIOS Vaassen. 

Similarly, he played admirably throughout his season with Jong Vitesse. His career might have only been short-spanned, but he seems to have given his hundred percent effort to the club with his ultimate dedication.

Footballer Spain Cliff Jumping Death Caught On Video

Lamrabatte's unfortunate last moment was caught on the video by his family. The retired football player was on vacation with his wife and children. During the vacation, he decided to jump from the cliff. 

The cliff located in Magaluf on the island of Spain was made up of sharp rocks, the former player jumped from the cliff, but he landed on the rocks rather than the sea. 

Thus, due to his horrendous landing, the 31-year-old died in the impact, as he drowned in the sea through his hit with the rocks. His family was shocked by the fall, and they immediately rushed for help. 

Mourad Lamrabatte Death Cause Revealed

Mourad's cause of death is likely due to his failure to calculate the height of the cliff and the difference in distance between the cliff and his landing at the sea. 

Similarly, he was also unable to direct his body toward the sea, as the player fell to his death also due to the rocks and the height of the cliff. Mourad died in the impact when he hit the rocks. 

Furthermore, sympathies were provided to the family and children of the player. Due to his sudden death, his former club Vitesse also posted their memory of him. 

Hence, his family shall need the strength to go through the ordeal. They do seem to receive prayers and love from football fans all around the globe.  

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