Mother Brandi Worley Convicted Her Children & 911 Call Transcript 

Brandi Worley, a mother from Darlington, Indiana, murdered her two children on November 17, 2016.

Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley, born in 2009, and Charlee Rose Jean Worley, born in 2013, were the victims. Tyler went to Sugar Creek Elementary School in Montgomery County, Indiana, where he was in first grade. Charlee attended Crawfordsville's Willson Early Learning Center preschool. He was seven years old, and she was three.

After returning home from their daughter's dance performance under the guise of needing pipe cleaners for a school project for their son, Tyler, Brandi Worley went to Walmart in Crawfordsville, Indiana. According to Joseph Buser, a prosecutor with the Montgomery County government, Brandi Worley purchased the murder weapon, a Kabar combat knife, at a Walmart on November 16. When she got home, she put the knife in Tyler's bedroom. Jason rebuffed her offer of sleeping on the couch, preferring the basement over their bed or couch.

While Jason slept in the basement of their house, Brandi enticed Tyler to Charlee's room with the promise of a sleepover. She stabbed the children in the necks, killing them, and then stabbed herself in the neck. Brandi killed her son first, then her daughter. "What are you doing?" the daughter inquired as she awoke to the repeated stabbings of her brother. Brandi responded by telling her to "go back to sleep." She then stabbed her daughter several times. Brandi eventually dialed 9-1-1 to report the murders. She admitted to taking a lot of Benadryl. During the 911 call, she remained calm and indifferent.

She notified the 911 controller that she had already dialed her mother's phone number and was on her way. Her mother was completely unaware of what had happened.

The 9-1-1 operator requested Brandi Worley's mother, the victims' grandmother, to check on the children's welfare, first hoping or assuming the call was not authentic. After the mother-in-law discovered the children dead, Jason got out of bed and screamed. Jason, Brandi informed him, "You can't take the kids away from me now." Around 4:30 a.m., police arrived.

Terre Haute Regional Hospital in Terre Haute, Indiana, performed the autopsies. Worley was initially treated for her self-inflicted injuries at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

Who Is Brandi Worley Husband Jason Worley?

Brandi Worley married Jason Worley, a software developer, in August 2009, two years after they were engaged.

According to Jason, "the two contemplated parting in the past, but they stayed together despite some difficulties," according to Shannon Hall of the Journal & Courier. Due to her infidelity, Jason Worley filed for divorce on November 15, 2016. Brandi Worley's lawyer indicated that she had never abused a child before.

According to the podcast, Jason's wife Brandi was having an adulterous affair with their neighbor, which prompted Jason to file for divorce.

According to the sources, Jason brought up the divorce issue before the murder and mentioned that they had ended their seven-year marriage a few days before the murder. Not only that, but he also planned to take their children away with him, which Brandi strongly opposed.

As a result, she handled the situation in her way by taking the lives of her two children, unaware of the consequences. Following this horrific tragedy, Jason Worley, a distraught parent, took to Reddit and social media platforms to express his sadness and his wife's adultery.