20 Most Popular Cartoon Dogs

Scooby-Doo with his best-buddy Shaggy.
Scooby-Doo with his best-buddy Shaggy. ( Source : knowyourmeme )

Having a four-legged buddy at home feels great. They could be a great companion to play or spend time with and can be our friends too. They may not speak our language, but they can understand our emotions and feelings. 

And what makes us appreciate them more is, seeing the animated dogs on television. There are hundreds of shows where you can find dogs. Some play supporting roles, whereas there are series/shows solely based on their story. 

Remember, fearful Scooby-doo? He made childhood fun with his funny reactions to terrifying situations. So many such cartoon dog characters may remind us of the shows we watched growing up. 

20. Goofy

Fans dating back to the 1900s are familiar with Mickey Mouse and his close companion, Goofy. He is a tall dog that usually wears a hat, white gloves, slacks, a turtleneck, and shoes. He was frequently seen as a member of a comic trio with Mickey and Donald throughout the 1930s.

Goofy is Mickey Mouse bestfriend
Goofy is Mickey Mouse bestfriend ( Source : pixiedustsavings )

But, because of his popularity, he got his series of cartoons in 1939, which were also well-liked in the 1940s and early 1950s. Two shorts, How to Play Football and Aquamania, were both nominated for an Academy Award.

In addition, he and Donald co-starred in the 1938 film Polar Trappers, which marked their debut without Mickey Mouse.

19. Pluto

Pluto appeared in Mickey Mouse as his loyal dog and is also one of the renowned and oldest cartoon characters. The fans of Mickey Mouse may know of this playful and intelligent dog with yellow-orange color, medium-sized, short-hair with dark ears.

Pluto (left) with Goofy (right)
Pluto (left) with Goofy (right) ( Source : abergseyeview )

He first appeared as a bloodhound in the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Chain Gang. Initially, he was Minnie's dog and was named Rover, but in another short named The Moose Hunt, he appeared as Pluto and Mickey's pet. 

18. Droopy

Everyone who used to watch cartoons in the mid-19th century or early 2000 should recognize Droopy. He is a Basset Hound with a slow and lazy character who has a funny sense of humor and with a lot of intelligence.

Droopy was created in 1943 for a short theatrical cartoon short but made its way into MGM. He appeared nameless on his arrival to its first show, Dumb-Hounded.

After the fifth cartoon appearance in Senor Droopy in 1949, the character received its name. However, he was officially and initially named "Happy Hound" in a comic, Our Gang.

Droppy is white Basset Hound with a droopy face
Droppy is white Basset Hound with a droopy face ( Source : dogalize )

After MGM closed its cartoon department in 1958, the character stopped appearing. But fans adored it so much that it got revived several times in different productions and was seen beside famous animated stars like Tom and Jerry. 

17. Bitzer

Ever seen a sheep that thinks and acts like a human? Kids from the late 90s may have heard of Shaun The Sheep, the unusually clever sheep that lives with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm. The Farmer had a sheepdog named Bitzer.

Bitzer from Shaun The Ship
Bitzer from Shaun The Ship ( Source : heroes-and-villain )

Despite being mute, Bitzer utilizes his whistle to give instructions and get attention in his day-to-day work as a sheepdog. In addition, he listens to music and sometimes lets his power get to his head. 

He was raised alongside Shaun when he was a lamb. He was first seen on the farm where he was cared for by a young farmer. The Farmer gave him a blue hat that he wears every day. 

Together, Bitzer and Shaun would grow up and develop a close relationship, but Bitzer would always see the Farmer as the only authority and a kind caregiver.

16. Bolt

Bolt is a lovable Disney character from the movie with the same name. He is a Swiss White Shepherd Dog with big, erect ears and a long, bushy tail. 

He is portrayed as a dog with superpowers like super bark and the ability to shoot lasers with his eyes. However, when he loses his way home, he finds out that he is just an actor on television, and now he has to learn to live like a normal dog.

Bolt is the main character of his own feature film.
Bolt is the main character of his own feature film. ( Source : ultimatedisneymoviemarathon )

Thus, the film's theme is focused on his journey and personal evolution as a character. He also appears in the straight-to-video short film Super Rhino. 

Likewise, he has also made a cameo appearance in Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, and Frozen II. He is also featured in Disney Interactive Studios' 2008 video game Bolt and Disney Infinity. John Travolta voices the character. 

15. Jake The Dog

Jake The Dog is the popular magical character from Adventure Tim. His powers allow him to change his body's shape and size, which comes in handy several times during Jake and Finn's adventures.  

He was 28 years old at his debut in magical dog years and ages throughout the series, even though he rarely acts like a mature one. In "Dungeon Train," an elderly Jake shows that magical dogs have a comparable lifetime to humans.

Jake and Finn together in Adventure Time.
Jake and Finn together in Adventure Time. ( Source : syfy )

He is in a relationship with Lady Rainicorn, and, by the episode named "Jake the Dad," they are the parents of five Pups. Viewers could see how he struggled when it came to being a dad. 

14. Santa's Little Helper

Who would not recognize the family dog of The Simpsons? The dog originally appeared in the first episode of "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," a 1989 Christmas special in which his owner abandons him after he places last in a greyhound race. 

When Homer Simpson and his son Bart are at the racetrack hoping to win some cash for a Christmas present, they see this and decide to adopt him. Since then, he has made several appearances on The Simpsons.

Santa's Little Helper was adopted by the Simpsons.
Santa's Little Helper was adopted by the Simpsons. ( Source : facebook )

During the course of the show, there are many developments made in his story as well. He became father to many puppies, graduated obedience school, had bloat surgery, took the position of Duffman as the Duff Beer mascot, and was trained as a police dog at Springfield's Animal Police Academy.

He was loved by many fans and became popular to the extent that Animal Planet 2003 television special 50 Greatest TV Animals ranked him in the 27th position based on popularity, name recognition, and the longevity of the shows.

13. Spike and Tyke

Tom and Jerry was the show with a cat and mouse, but it also had dogs. Spike and Tyke, the two characters based on American bulldogs, made their debut in the 1940s.

Billy Bletcher, and subsequently Daws Butler, provided the voice of Spike.

Spike and Tyke are father son duo Pitbull Terrier appearing in Tom and Jerry frequently.
Spike and Tyke are father son duo Pitbull Terrier appearing in Tom and Jerry frequently. ( Source : daddilife )

Tyke did not speak in the theatrical cartoons, but he did on the Fox Kids television program Tom & Jerry Kids. Patric Zimmerman and Richard Gautier, respectively, provided the voices of Spike and Tyke. 

They then appeared in the straight-to-video film Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring. Frank Welker was the voice behind Tyke, while Maurice LaMarche provided the voice of Spike.

12. Gromit

Gromit is the fictional dog character in the British stop-motion comedy franchise Wallace and Gromit. Gromit is a sensitive, intelligent, and clever dog with a true fondness and loyalty for Wallace. 

He is considerably more attentive than his master and has a better sense of character. Most of the time, Gromit completes the task at hand, while Wallace freaks out or causes himself more trouble. He has a strong sense of justice and is fiercely devoted to Wallace.

Gromit is Wallace's silent pet dog and best friend.
Gromit is Wallace's silent pet dog and best friend. ( Source : independent )

He does not speak and has no dialogue but communicates through facial expressions and body language. He has also graduated from Dogwarts University with a double first in Engineering for Dogs, so he is quite smart. 

Whether people may know it or not, the character Shaun was first introduced in this series. It was in 2007 when the network created a spin-off, Shaun, The Sheep, while focusing the story on Shaun. 

11. Pip

Pip is a guide dog who appears in the short film with the same name. It is a young puppy who goes to Canine University to learn to become a guide dog. But, the journey is more challenging.

The story received wide recognition and has over 200 million views on Youtube. According to Guidedog.org, she is an adorable goldador with a sweet disposition and plenty of energy. 

Pip is a puppy with a big dream of becoming a guide for visually impaired.
Pip is a puppy with a big dream of becoming a guide for visually impaired. ( Source : collater )

At just the age of two days, she started training in the Puppy Academy nursery to fulfill her big dream of being a guide dog for people with vision loss. The animated short film brought tears to many eyes and became a massive hit. 

10. Peabody

Do you know of the talking dog, Mr. Peabody, from Mr. Peabody & Sherman? The science fiction comedy film was released in 2014, and people immediately praised the work. The following year, a Tv series based on the movie was released on Netflix. 

Mr. Peabody is a very smart anthropomorphic dog that resides in a penthouse in New York City with Sherman, his adoptive human son. Even as a young puppy, he stood out from other dogs because he was extremely intelligent.

He was more interested in intellectual activities than in the typical activities done by other dogs, such as fetch. 

Mr. Peabody with his best buddy Sherman and Penny Peterson.
Mr. Peabody with his best buddy Sherman and Penny Peterson. ( Source : hollywoodreporter )

Because of this difference, he was lonely since no kids wanted to adopt him due to his oddness. Thus, he dedicated his life to pursuing education, culture, and athletics without a human family and got involved in different activities.

He even earned a degree from Harvard (Vale-dog-torian) and dedicated the rest of his life to helping mankind.

9. Dug

Dug appeared as one of the main characters in Up, which brought tears to everyone's eyes. He is a golden retriever who belongs to Charles Muntz. He is a playful dog who communicates in English through a unique collar developed by his former owner, Charles.

Dug has a special collar that translates his thought into speech.
Dug has a special collar that translates his thought into speech. ( Source : polygon )

He is a kind, friendly, and lively dog. He gets along with practically everyone he meets. He is also good at following instructions but could be a bit of an airhead sometimes. The British film critics gave him the Palm Dog Award for his outstanding canine performance at the Cannes Film Festival.

8. Sparky

With a Spooky look, Sparky is the lovable dog of Victor Frankestine. He appears in both Tim Burton's animated feature picture Frankenweenie and the short film of the same name in 2012.

In both stories, Sparky passes away, but his young owner successfully revives him in his makeshift laboratory.

Sparky is also renowned as Frankeweenie.
Sparky is also renowned as Frankeweenie. ( Source : pinterest )

He was hit by a car when he ran onto the road to get a ball that he was playing with Victor. He is buried in the pet cemetery, but Victor comes up with the idea to revive him after seeing a lifeless frog's muscles react when electrocuted. 

He takes Sparky out of the grave and performs the experiment to revive him. At first, it appears to have failed, but soon the dog wags his tail and licks him, and they reunite. 

7. Max

Max is the pet dog of Dr. Seuss, The Grinch. His goal is to help his master steal Christmas and see him happy. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

He is incredibly affectionate, loyal, and intelligent compared to other dogs and nearly serves as the Grinch's "butler." He gets out of bed every morning and gives his master a cup of coffee or whatever else he needs.

Max is Grinch’s deeply devoted dog and only friend.
Max is Grinch’s deeply devoted dog and only friend. ( Source : illumination )

His strength is to keep his master away from trouble and spend time with him when they are not shopping for food. He is different in the 1996 and 2000 versions.

The story of how he met his master is unclear, but he has lived with him for 53 years. 

6. Hank

Hank is a beagle samurai dog from the 2022 release Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank, an animated martial arts comedy film. He is the only dog living in the entire cat-inhabited town, Kakamucho, voiced by Michael Cera. 

The gang of thugs attacked the town, and the residents there asked for the samurai to guard them. Ika Chu, a high-ranking officer who sent those bandits, appoints Hank as the defender to offend the people.

Hank became samurai to save the Kakamucho town in Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank
Hank became samurai to save the Kakamucho town in Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank ( Source : vermontcatholic )

But with the assistance of Jimbo, a catnip-addled samurai, he gets trained so that he would help the Kakamucho resident during the time of their hostility. The bumbling beagle becomes a hero for the town's people after he manages to beat Sumo, a strong henchman sent by Ika Chu.

But unfortunately, later, he gets distracted by the high ranker, and the place he was supposed to guard gets trashed during his absence.

Despite the situation and an argument with Jimbo, he does not forget the samurai oath and returns to help the citizens strategically win over Chu's army. 

5. Cooper

Cooper appeared among the audience in 1981 after releasing an animated Walt Disney Productions drama film, The Fox and the Hound. The story revolves around him as he grows up with a hunter as his hunting dog. 

Cooper saving his friend Tod from the hunter.
Cooper saving his friend Tod from the hunter. ( Source : moviefone )

But Cooper had already met the Fox named Tod and became friends pledging eternal friendship. Thus, this film portrays an unlikely friendship between a hound and a fox.

They try to preserve their relation despite the problems and the social pressure demanding them to be adversaries as they are enemies by nature. 

4. Dodger

Disney fans from the late 80s are familiar with the film Oliver and Company. Dodger is a male Jack Russell Terrier and a deuteragonist in the movie.

He is the best friend of Oliver, a kitten, and a leader of his dog gang, Fagin. It is unusual to see these two animals as best friends, but it is possible because he does not eat cats as he finds them have too much fur. 

Dodger was a lazy but street-smart selfless dog.
Dodger was a lazy but street-smart selfless dog. ( Source : youtube )

The street-smart Terrier is a proud, good-hearted, cool, confident, and selfless character. He is always ready to step up when his friends are in trouble, especially Oliver. Why Should I Worry is the film's short soundtrack that features the two main characters, Dodger and Oliver. 

Besides the film, he has appeared in several series, including House of Mouse. In the show, he got hyped after singing "Everybody Wants to Be a Woof."

At present, Dodger makes some appearances at Disney Parks. He retired in the Late 1990s but was seen on the screen during the 2005 grand opening of Disneyland in Hong Kong. 

3. Balto

Balto follows a story of a Siberian Husky trying to make his way in the world. The wolfdog hybrid lives outside of Nome in 1925 with his adoptive father, Boris, a snow goose, and Muk and Luk, two polar bears. 

He is made fun of for being a half-breed by both dogs and people. He has a crush on Jenna, a red husky who is his only friend in the community. When the townspeople start to get sick, he makes it his mission to get medicine to the village to treat them. 

Balto with another character of the series Jenna.
Balto with another character of the series Jenna. ( Source : amblin )

It is a true story of a dog named Balto who lived in Nome, Alaska, in 1925. He had brought a life-saving vaccine to Alaska in the early 20s and was a national hero. 

There are three series produced to date, i.e., Balto, Balto II: Wolf Quest, and Balto III: Wings of Change. The film received five Annie Award nominations, including Best Animated Feature but could not win. 

2. Courage

The famous horror television series, Courage, The Cowardly Dog features Courage. He is a good dog but easily gets frightened. He was abandoned after his parents were sent to space by a crazed veterinarian. 

A friendly Scottish woman, Muriel, finds him in an alleyway and adopts him while also giving him the name, Courage. The dog lives on an isolated farm with the elderly Muriel and her husband, who is greedy and does not like him. He even calls him a stupid dog.

Courage always managed to save his owners from villains.
Courage always managed to save his owners from villains. ( Source : amazon )

However, they often encounter monsters, aliens, zombies, and other paranormal or supernatural creatures, and saving the elderly couple from them is a responsibility that falls upon the dog. 

It originally aired from 1999 to 2002 and became quite popular then. It was nominated for three Golden Reel Awards and won one Annie Award.

1. Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo is a legendary protagonist talking cartoon dog known for his catchphrase, Scooby-Dooby-Doo. It is a male Great Dane who solves mysteries, mostly involving supernatural creatures with its human friends. 

The American animated television series named after him Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! in 1969 introduced the character. He is mainly seen beside his best friend and amateur detective, Shaggy Rogers, one of the four teenagers who share the familiar characters with him.

Scooby Doo howled his catch phrase Scooby-Dooby-Doo after end of every mystery.
Scooby Doo howled his catch phrase Scooby-Dooby-Doo after end of every mystery. ( Source : scoobydoo )

Having a mix of features of both human and canine, this big Dane always counts on his human friends for protection from the villains. However, he occasionally proved to have the skills of a detective and showed signs of bravery. But mostly, he is running away from the ghosts and vampires with his best human buddy Shaggy. 

It is one of the most-adored cartoon pets on film and television. Nevertheless, movies, comic books, merchandising, tabletop games of this character, and its animated show are also available.

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