Love During Lockup's Montana Millz Makes Sneakers, How Much Money Does He Make From It?

Montana Millz aka Michael Persaud is a rapper and an entrepreneur
Montana Millz aka Michael Persaud is a rapper and an entrepreneur( Source : instagram )

Montana Millz from love during lockup has a net worth of over $50 thousand. Millz is also involved in the sneakers business these days. 

Montana and Justine were one of the couples in Love During Lockup. The show is in episode 29 of season four. Fans are curious about the couple after their marriage. Since the rapper has been released, many wonder how he and his wife are doing now.  

Montana Millz Net Worth

Montana Millz has a net worth of $50k, as per GossipNextDoor. He has released three albums so far, which are available on Apple music. He also does business with his brand name, All Hail Millz. 

He has a partner named Justine, with whom he got married in August 2022. He joined the fourth season of Love During Lockup and is said to have got married when he was still behind bars. 

On the other hand, Justine revealed that she was married once before and got divorced in August 2020. In the show, she was seen rushing for her wedding dress shopping which her mother did not like. 

Montana Millz with his wife Justine
Montana Millz with his wife Justine( Source : instagram )

She also tried to convince her mother and other family members that she and Montana had been waiting for three years to get married, and it was finally their moment, so she did not want to wait any longer. But, her family was concerned about their daughter getting married to a convict. 

Despite the family's disapproval, Justine tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend. Following Millz's release from prison, they have been living their happy married life while also getting involved in the business. 

Justine's fortune is yet to be disclosed, but she is said to be an entrepreneur and a medication technician. She often appears on Millz's Instagram handle. 

Ways Montana Millz Earns His Own Money

Montana Millz is popular for his hip-hop and rap, but he has various sources from which he gathered fortune. He is also into business besides his music career. 

Music Career

He became popular with songs named Sell Drugz and Feds Watching. He has four albums under his name: The Holy Habanero, Believe In Millz, and Bars Behind Bars. 

His other singles are Picture Me Rollin, Armed and Dangerous, Me Myself and I, Oh Lord, Stranger, Stand By My Lonely, Diamonds and Pearls, and Tesoro. 

Sneaker Business

Montana is also a businessman who runs his sneaker business. His brand's name is All Hail Millz. A few products on his website include BlackGray and Orange Sneakers, WhiteGray, and Orange sneakers, and BlackGold and Orange sneakers, which cost $999.99.

Montana Millz limited edition sneakers to be pre-order
Montana Millz limited edition sneakers to be pre-order( Source : instagram )

He also released a limited edition named Tarantula, which needs to be pre-order and costs $299.99. He also has Marshmallows that cost $1099. 

Besides shoes, he also sells masks and socks. The masks have the prints of his three albums, and the socks have his logo on them. 

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