Is Moniece Slaughter Pregnant In 2022? What We Know About Her Partner and Relationships

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Moniece Slaughter is pregnant, according to various sources.

Moniece is a well-known singer and composer around the world. 6th Sense, Riches, Queen of Diamonds, and other songs are among her most popular.

After appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, she had made headlines. According to reports, she is working on a new series called Slaughter Slays.

Is Moniece Slaughter Pregnant In 2022?

Moniece Slaughter is pregnant, according to recent social media posts. She is reportedly expecting a daughter.

She just stated on Ig Live that she is expecting her second child. Moniece, on the other hand, was more than ready to share the latest developments in her life with her fans.

Furthermore, she stated that this was the most difficult and joyful time of her life. 'Mini-me,' she calls her unborn daughter.

Her supporters were ecstatic for her as they sent greetings to the expectant mother. Celebsaga, like them, wishes her the best of luck and prays for her good health.

She is already the mother of a baby named Kamron David Frédéric, according to reports. KDF is overjoyed to welcome a baby sibling.

We don't know how many months she's been pregnant right now. In addition, the singer has yet to show off her abs on social media.

We recommend following Moniece's Instagram account if you want to stay up to speed on her life. She has almost 252.6K followers on Twitter under the handle @KalisWorld.

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Moniece Slaughter Recent Partner

Moniece Slaughter's recent partner details have not been disclosed. Slaughter has not married.

There has recently been a lot of new information about her previous relationships. In her relationship with her girlfriend, the turn of events was also toxic.

She went on to have a connection with Shaquille O'Neal, about whom she made serious allegations about a year ago. Shaq's actions, she alleged, had "encouraged self-harm."


They were in a relationship from 2010 to 2011 and split when the rapper had an affair, as far as we know.

There have been notes that said things like, "This is why you'll always be a broke bitch," and other derogatory things. This was stated by her manager.

She shared a few Instagram photos about him once she finally found a man who fit all of her conditions in June of 2020.

After first denying seeing Shemar Moore, she posted an Instagram video of herself working out with a new boyfriend. No one has seen him, so no one knows who he is.

Moniece Slaughter Baby Rumors Addressed

Moniece Slaughter has chosen the name Dior for her baby girl. Surprisingly, people want to know who the father of the unborn child is.

Slaughter has already stated that Fizz is not her daughter's father. She has, however, announced that she would give birth two days before her father's birthday.

Moniece has also refused to name the baby's father. She appears to be stressed right now as a result of Dior's health difficulties.

Her daughter is smaller than expected, according to the physicians. She also told her fans that she wasn't planning on having another child and that she fell pregnant by accident.

Despite this, she adores Dior more than anything else. She also commits to being the greatest mother she can be for her children.

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