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The hot and gorgeous diva of the radio and television industry, Monica Crowley is a well-famed name inn the media. She has been associated with broadcasting commentaries and with the field of literature from her outstanding works of writing. She has dazzling persona with cute face and a sensuous physique that keeps the audience captivated and influenced from her skillful presentation and her fascinating personality. She has been a profound author and television commentator as well as has her own radio presentation. She also is affiliated with Fox News and a column writer in Washington Times. Her mesmerizing appearance and her bold and outspoken talent to influence the audience with her presentation and analysis of the radio and television oriented news broadcasting is highly praised and appreciated by the mass of the United States.


She felt the first verge of existence in September 19 of 1968 in Arizona of the United States of America. She belongs with white decency and holds an American nationality. From her early childhood, she was fascinated with literature and the media. She was interested in writing and being presentable with her enthusiasm to make it big on the big screen. She completed her Bachelors in Political Science attending Colgate University and achieved Ph.D from Columbia University in 2000 majoring in International Relations. Her qualification has been commendable as her beauty and she has been highly educated to bring out the best in her and pursue her desirable career. She got her doctorate with the title dissertation named Clearer than Truth: determining and preserving grand strategy. The evolution of American policy toward the People’s Republic of China under Truman and Nixon.


After being highly qualified in her educative background, she pursued her career from writing. She was provided with the opportunity to write as a correspondent for President Richard Nixon and was given the assignment of assisting and researching. She was proclaimed Foreign Policy Assistant by President Nixon in the year 1990.being a dignified communicator and policy analyst she was appreciated by the President himself promoting her reputation. She also wrote books like Seize the Moment published in 1992 and Beyond Peace published in 1994. After being associated with the Presidency of Nixon, she had the details about the political breakthroughs of the moment when she4 was an advisor for Nixon. She even wrote book relating with the final years of the President and named it Nixon Off the Records: His Candid Commentary on People publishe3d in 1996 by Random Houise4 and Nixon in Winter which was released in 1998 under the publication of Taurus publishing. Apart from her political books, she has also been an accomplished author of books like What the (Bleep) Just Happened?: The Happy Warrior’s Guide to the Great American Comeback published in June of 2012. She also wrote columns for The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, L.A Times, Baltimore Sun and Washington Times. She also has been accused from plagiarism and the Wall Street Journal has placed a band on her publication ever since her controversial accounts about Richard Nixon.


She has served for National Public Radio network, commentating for Morning Edition in 1`990. She4 has her own show for the radio, which aired from 2002 calle3d The Monica Crowley Show. She also did the launching of Kids Cancer Tree being affiliated with the Monica Crowley Show in the year 2003. She moved to television from 1996 joining Fox News Channel and served hger responsibility relating with foreign affairs and political analysis. She also appeared in the network’s show called Hannity. She moved to MSNBC and presented her hosting skills for Connected: Coast to Coast alongside Ron Reagan. She has been featured in Imus in the Morning and has been hosting MSNBC affiliated The Best Show of Imus in the Morning. In 2007, she moved back to Fox network and participated in The McLaughlin Group. She is also member of the panel for Fox News network’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfled. She occasionally appears in the network’s shows as a host and guest in The O’Reilly Factor and The Five.


The hot and beautiful diva with her sensuous appearance, slender legs and commendable feet resides in New York City. Her sister, Jocelyn works as a professor associated in Rutgers Policy and married Alan Colmes, associated with the Fox News Network. The fact about Crowley’s marriage is not confirmed yet and she does not have a husband. She can be followed in her official Twitter account and much about her bio can be found in wiki.