Who Was Mona Heydari? Iranian Severed Head - Is Husband Sajjad Heydari Arrested?

Mona Heydari was a victim of "honor killing" as her husband severed her head on February 5. Here's what you need to know about the heartwrenching incident!

Mona Heydari was a young woman from Iran.

She fell victim to "honor killing" on February 5 in Ahvaz, Iran, when her husband severed her head and openly walked on the streets carrying her mutilated head.

The macabre scene went viral on social media and brought the man to the eyes of law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the unforgettable incident still lingers around, it has once again questioned women's safety in the patriarchal society of Iran.

Who Was Mona Heydari?

Mona Heydari was an Iranian teenage bride who became a victim of "honor killing" by her husband.

She was a constant victim of domestic violence before her death.

Her inconsolable death has disturbed everyone and heated social media as many are demanding justice for the late soul.

Mona's story is one of the many "honor killings in Iran where women are killed by their male family members who feel that these women disgraced the family.

Meanwhile, the late Mona was a victim of patriarchy who had tried to escape from her abusive husband by asking him for divorce.

Mona Heydari Iranian Severed Head - Is Husband Sajjad Heydari Arrested?

After the clips of Mona Heydari's severed head went viral on social media, her perpetrator husband, Sajjad Heydari, was arrested.

He was also helped by his brother; hence, the two men are currently in police custody.

The recent reports suggest that it is not known what punishment the two brothers would face in the future.

After beheading Mona's head, Sajjad had paraded the streets carrying her head, smiling.

He smiled to let others know that he was an honorable man by performing the "honor killing."

Sajjad had previously refused to divorce Mona; thus, she fled to Turkey to be with a man she met online.

Mona had returned to Iran after her family members assured her that she would be safe.

Mona Heydari Age At Death

Mona Heydari's age at the time of her death was just 17.

She was a child bride forced to marry her cousin, Sajjad when she was just 12.

The late Mona faced a harsh life against the backdrop of patriarchy.

Meet Mona Heydari Kids

Mona Heydari was a mother to a three-year-old son in the name of her kids. She had given birth at just 14 years old.

The current whereabouts of her surviving son and her family are not accessible currently.

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